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Planning a Girls’ Trip – Maldives Travel Guide

The Maldives is not just a destination for honeymooners. It is fast becoming a destination you can visit on your own or explore with a group of friends

Interestingly, The Maldives is a visa-free destination for all nationalities for a maximum of 30 days. Want to stay longer? Then, your tourist visa can be extended for another 60 days at a fee.

The best time to visit the Maldives is during the off-season (May – September) because resorts are cheaper during this period.

Are you planning a trip with your girlfriends? Here are a few tips to note:

Get Help In Planning Your Trip

Use a vacation expert like The Wakaholic. We can help organize a hassle-free and memorable trip for you and your friends, within your budget. Having traveled to the Maldives and experienced this destination, we can provide the best package to meet your needs.


Opt for a Multi-bedroom Villa. Although, staying at a resort is more expensive compared to staying on the local islands. The resorts are charming and provide the best Maldives experiences. Most resorts have family rooms or villas to accommodate a group of friends as well as a variety of restaurants to cater to everyone’ tastes in foods and drinks.

Plan a few activities ahead

The Maldives is known as the tropical Paradise. First, you can pamper yourselves and indulge in a spa date, then engage in some water sports, go island hopping, engage in sunset fishing and relax on the beach.


You can take a Boat cruise while you watch the sunset and sip on Champagne and canapés, where you could be lucky to spot dolphins and whales gliding in and out of the beautiful ocean.

Finally, go shopping with your girls to get some souvenirs and don’t forget to take amazing pictures for memories.

Other Tips to note before planning a girls trip to the Maldives

• The locals are welcoming but you should respect the strict Muslim norms such as dressing modestly. Follow the rules, respect the culture.

• When making your bookings, always read the fine prints- which will include 10% “service charge, 6% GST excluding tips.

• When in Male, exercise caution. Most taxis, locals are dishonest, especially when dealing with tourists.

• Nothing is accessible without taking a ferry or additional domestic flight.

• Last, but not the least, do not forget your sunscreens!

You and your best girls deserve to let your hair down and enjoy each other’s company, and trust me no other place comes close!

Do you have any questions about planning a trip to the Maldives, feel free to send an email to thewakaholic@gmail.com.


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