Anambra State

Nigeria Travel Guide: Places To Explore in Anambra State

Anambra state was created in 1976 and is the eighth-most populous state in Nigeria. It is nicknamed “the light of the nation”.

Location: South Eastern region of Nigeria.

Capital city: Awka.

Other popular destinations: Onitsha, Nnewi.

Language: Igbo

The Tourist attractions and destinations to explore in Anambra state include:

  1. Ogbunike Caves

Ogbunike caves are Nigeria’s impressive natural wonders and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The caves are a collection of caves that are linked together by small tunnels and passages that have been in use for many centuries. It is situated in a valley that has a constructed walkway of 317 steps. This valley is surrounded by a rainforest that is found behind the “Ogba hills” of Ogbunike town in Oyi local government area. The caves served as a hiding place for people during the Nigerian civil war. It was also a refuge for the slave traders in pre-colonial times.

The caves have a spiritual significance to the local people and this belief is practiced through the “Ime Ogba” celebration that is done every year to celebrate the discovery of the caves.

  1. Rojenny Tourist Village

This tourist village is located in Oba and has small games reserves that are populated with a variety of animals such as Baboons, Chimpanzees, Alligators etc. It also has a guest house with over 50 rooms, a nightclub, African bar-restaurant, children’s park, Olympic size swimming pool, and others.

This tourist village provides an exotic tropical atmosphere that makes relaxation comfortable. Visitors would sure find this village an exciting place to be.

  1. Igbo-Ukwu Museum

This historic building is located in the ancient town of Igbo Ukwu which is a famous cradle of Igbo civilization. This museum houses bronze artefacts that date back to 900AD.

  1. Ogba Ukwu Caves and Waterfalls

These beauties can be found in Owerre-Ezukala Local Government area. The caves are believed to be the home of the deity “Ogba” whom they also believed created the caves. Within the cave, one would find an old, dry and long-dead elephant foot and also a gun made of stone which is said to be as old as the cave.

The waterfalls can be found in front of the caves. This waterfall flows from a spring that is located on top of the imposing Ogba rock. The flowing water forms a stream of sparkling rainbow colour at the foot of the cave and I need not tell you that the sight is a beauty to behold.

  1. Agulu Lake

Agulu Lake is a natural lake that is found between Agulu and Nri communities of Anaocha local government area.

The lake is said to belong to “Ndemili”, a water god. It is also believed that the lake has special powers and can drown whom it wishes and harbour whom it chooses.

The lake is rich in aquatic life and contains rare species of aquatic animals.  This lake provides beautiful scenery that is good for picnicking, skiing, boating and fishing.

  1. Odinani Museum

This museum was built over 30 years ago by Late Prof. M. Angulu and it is located at Nri village in Anaocha Local Government Area. This museum displays collections of sculptural works, paintings, carvings, pottery, ancient war equipment, traditional costumes, and metal works.


  1. Ikenga Virgin Forest

This forest is the only virgin forest in Nigeria as the trees have never been felled nor its land cultivated. Its rainforest is home to species of animals that have gone extinct in other parts of the country. Nature lovers would surely get lost while wandering in its vegetation that is composed of tall evergreens, climbers, and thick shrubs.

  1. Onitsha Main Market

A vacation to Anambra state would never be complete without a visit to this market.  This market is a real local business that provides deals, discounts, products, and services.

Anambra state, the light of the nation, is waiting with open arms to receive you.

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