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My Vatican City Experience by Emma

It was my second day in Rome, tired from the previous day, I woke up late, had breakfast and stopped at the hotel reception to draw up the day’s itinerary. I was visiting the Vatican City. To avoid the long queues, I bought my Vatican Museums ticket online days before my proposed visit, so I set out to St. Peter’s Basilica. I stopped at St. Peter’s Square to take memorable pictures. There was a long queue of tourist trying to see the main cathedral but I proceeded to the Vatican Museums. Most monuments in the museum had descriptions written in Italian but we were given audio recordings with commentaries in different major languages. The museum was fascinating with lots of interesting histories, they even have a chapel inside the museum. On my way out, I passed through the beautiful, well crafted and ornamented spiral staircase, a lovely sight to behold!
My next stop was castle St. Angelou Museum, then to the great Pantheon.
As I made my journey back to my hotel for the night, I couldn’t stop thinking of the many years these edifices stood yet well maintained.
Having seen enough of Rome, i was ready to explore Paris. My story continues here.




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