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Fun Activities for Kids and Adults in Dubai

Whenever I think of DUBAI… what comes to mind is the world’s tallest building, good roads, dancing fountains, beautiful airport, lots of tourist attractions and amazing things to see in Dubai. Everyone should have the Dubai experience. No matter the hotel/location you stay in, there is always something spectacular to see and experience. I spent the Christmas holidays with my sister and adorable nephew in Dubai and every experience we had was spectacular. From the moment we stepped into the aircraft, the warm reception from Emirates staff, the amazing hotel we stayed in and the numerous tourist activities we engaged in, we just couldn’t get enough of Dubai.

Shopping in Dubai is crazy (good kind of “crazy”).  You will definitely find what to spend your money on in this city.  The Dubai Mall is open 24/7 so you might as well shop till you drop…Lol

Here are some pictures that can tell my story… Enjoy!


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