Discover Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa which consists of many small islands and two large ones known as Unguja and Pemba.

The Capital is Zanzibar City, located on the island of Unguja. Stone Town is the main city and a major tourist attraction in Tanzania. It was designated as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 2000 for its prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa.

While in Stone Town, you can shop for souvenirs, drink the occasional tea, or visit historic sites. The inner city is small and can easily be explored on foot.

Weather: Being near to the equator, the islands are warm year-round.

Things to do in Zanzibar-

  1. Visit the beaches: Explore Kendwa Beach, Nungwi Beach, Paje Beach and Matemwe Beach
  2. Visit the Spice Island: Zanzibar’s main industries are spices, raffia, and tourism. In particular, the islands produce cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. For this reason, the islands, together with Tanzania’s Mafia Island, are sometimes called the Spice Islands. Spice tours are being offered by many companies, they take you out to a spice farm, where your guide will show you how some spices are grown.
  1. Visit the House of Wonders: This was the first house in Stone Town to have electricity, running water, and an elevator.
  1. Take the Prison Island tour: The Island is a popular day-trip destination from Stone Town. It offers excellent snorkeling, a beautiful and quiet white sandy beach, giant turtle sanctuary and coral rag forest. The significance of the island, like so many of Zanzibar’s cultural sites, has been made little of and the ‘prison that never was’ now houses a resort and restaurant.
  1. Explore Pemba Island: Pemba Island is the perfect choice if you are looking for serenity and close encounters with nature.
  1. Visit Zanzibar butterfly Center: Visit one of Africa’s largest butterfly exhibits that provide residents and tourists of Zanzibar with an interactive and visual environment to learn about butterflies.
  2. Visit Former Slave Market: Zanzibar was one of the largest slave ports in the vast Indian Ocean slave trade, which was dominated by Arab slave traders. The market where slaves were confined in dark, airless, underground chambers before being sold still contains the chains bolted to the concrete. A moving memorial now stands where the market once was, reminding visitors and locals of the atrocities committed in the past.


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