Travel tips: How to overcome fear of flying.

fear of flying

Before your trip, read up or do a course or flying lesson. A bit of knowledge and experience can go a long way and prepare you for the real thing. Go in feeling more confident in yourself.

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How To Save Money For Your Dream Vacation.

save money when travelling

Have a plan: A good plan is the first step to accomplishing your goal. Some people say they would love to travel but they barely make enough money and cannot spend the little they have travelling the world. We must realize that travel experience is far more valuable than money will ever be and with […]

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Scientific Reason Why You Should Take A Beach Vacation.

beach vacation

You probably already know that a beach vacation is relaxing, but now there’s a scientific reason you should be booking an oceanside escape. A new study by Michigan State University revealed that living in a location where you have the chance to see a lot of blue spaces, like a body of water, leads to lower levels of “psychological […]

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Things Every Solo Traveler Should Do

Solo traveler

Take yourself out to dinner. It can seem intuitive to grab food on the go or stock your backpack first, but there’s no reason a meal on your own shouldn’t be a sit-down affair—just as it would if you were meeting a date or a friend.

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Birth Tourism: Procedure for giving birth in the USA

birth tourism

The first question you want to ask yourself is “where do I want to have my child and why?” For the average Nigerian, the obvious answers are good medical attention and citizenship.

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What You Need To Know About Turbulence


Flying may be one of the safest means of transportation, but everyone who steps on a plane is uneasy on some level especially when it comes to turbulence strikes. Though generally harmless, this could be a terrifying experience.

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Why Airplanes Dim Lights on Takeoff

airplane lights

Lowering cabin lights and raising window shades are standard safety measures during takeoff and landing—the most critical moments of every flight. But what purpose do they serve?

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Do You Keep Souvenirs?

souvenir ideas

Need souvenir ideas? I am not great at collecting souvenirs as I always consider where to place them in my home, nevertheless, I have developed the habit of collecting inexpensive souvenirs of the places I visit; something that would remind me of that destination.

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