Apartments or Hotels

Apartment or Hotel?

When planning your vacation, have you ever considered staying in a private apartment instead of a hotel?

Here are some factors to consider next time you are booking your trip.

First, apartments allow travellers to soak up more of the local culture than they would if they stayed in a hotel. Notwithstanding the amenities that hotels do offer, some travelers now desire more especially when planning a holiday with a large family.

In some apartments, there may be some contact with the host who in many cases would offer recommendations on how to get around the city. In other cases, there is even a coexistence with the owner, with which the cultural exchange is much deeper.

Holiday apartments offer the possibility of experiencing a city or a destination as we imagine it in our dreams.

The good news is that there are several sites like Wimdu and Airbnb that offer thousands of apartments spread all over the world where you can find a place that best suits your preferences.  

Food & Meals

In a holiday apartment, you can sit down with your friends or family to enjoy your own culinary creations made from local products purchased from the local market. In hotels, you’re restricted to room service which is usually expensive if you’re travelling on a budget.

Privacy and Freedom

Want to stick to your own schedule without anyone bothering you? Then you should consider an apartment. On the other hand, one of the pros of staying in a hotel is the fact that you don’t have to worry about cleaning which is seldom the case in an apartment.

Group Activities vs Isolation

If you plan to travel with a group of friends, a holiday apartment may offer more comfort and space. You’ll share communal spaces with sofas, tables, and chairs, and at the same time, have your own room and privacy. However, if you are travelling alone, a hotel may be a better option.

Apartments or Hotels

Space and Comfort

Are you overwhelmed by crowded spaces or busy hotel lobbies? If you want to enjoy the charm of your destination and you’d like to rest between walks and outdoor activities, there’s nothing better than a holiday apartment.

If you’re travelling with pets, an apartment or holiday home may be more accommodating. However, if you just plan to escape and relax, you can be sure that a comfortable bed and a nice TV awaits you at your hotel.

Which would you choose apartments or hotels?

Cheaper to Eat at Home

While we all love hotel room service; it comes at a cost which may not be pocket-friendly if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand,  holiday apartments not only give you the pleasure of buying and cooking the local products yourself but also, saving on restaurant bills.  

So, is it apartments or hotels for you?

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