Affordable Tourist Destinations In Nigeria To Visit This Year-End

The end of the year is here again and with it comes another holiday season. Did you know that there are fascinating tourist destinations in Nigeria? The good news is that they are affordable too.

Here is a list of affordable tourist destinations you should visit in Nigeria. 

– Yankari National Park

Located in Bauchi, this National park is one of Nigeria’s biggest and Africa’s largest. You would find the abundance of wildlife existing in their habitat; a delight to watch. You can also explore the Marshall cave system, the Wikki warm springs, and other tourist attractions available in this location.

The park also has accommodation facilities that are affordable too. If you looking out for a safari experience, this destination is where you should go.

– Ikogosi Warm Springs

This spring which is a confluence of hot and cold springs can be found within a thick forest that is surrounded by a hilly landscape in Ekiti state.

The spring has an affordable accommodation facility too.

While in Ekiti, you can visit the famous Idanre hills and maybe go hiking. You can also visit the Fajuyi Memorial Park and the mythical Erin Ayonigba river- a popular sacred river whose fishes are not meant to be killed or eaten. Don’t forget to explore the sprawling Orole and Olosunta hills of Ikere Ekiti.

– Whispering Palms

This resort which is located in Badagry, Lagos is one of the most visited resorts in Nigeria. Its environment is cascaded with palm trees and a mini zoo.

While in Badagry you can also visit the site of the first-story building in Nigeria and the Agia tree monument which is where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria. You should also visit the Vlekete Slave market which was a notorious and bustling slave market during the slave era as well as the Point of No Return Slave Route.

– Olumo Rock

Located in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun state, the Olumo rock stands at a height of 137metres above sea level.

It was used as a fortress by the Egba people (a name of the local people of Abeokuta, originally under the Oyo Empire)  in the early 19th century who found refuge at the rock during inter-tribal wars in the 19th century.  The town of Abeokuta (meaning “under the rock”) eventually grew as these new settlers spread out from this location.

While in Ogun state, visit the Omo reserve, Oyan lake and the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.


– Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch which is located in Cross River State is another breathtaking yet affordable holiday destination that you can visit in Nigeria at the end of the year.

The city of Calabar in Cross River State is also worth visiting. Visit the Afi Mountains which serve as a home to a variety of gorillas and chimpanzees who lounge in its craggy peaks, the Calabar museum which is home to a good number of relics and artifacts from the slave trade era, and even the Duketown Chapel which is considered one of the oldest chapel in Nigeria.

– Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

As the name implies, this white sand beach is a popular tourist beach that is found in Port Harcourt. The beach was founded in 1988 and is located along Kolabi Creek. If you haven’t visited this beach before, this is a reminder that you should.

While in the city, visit the Rivers state museum and educate yourself at the Rivers state cultural center. You can also watch the feeding of the lions which takes place at the Port Harcourt Zoo on Sundays.

Which of these tourist destinations in Nigeria have you visited?

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