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8 Remarkable Christmas Destinations In Nigeria

Searching for Christmas ideas? Nigeria is blessed with remarkable destinations where you can spend the Christmas holidays with your family. Most Nigerians prefer to visit their hometown and spend the holiday reuniting with extended family members and attend engagement ceremonies, reunion parties, local festivals and religious events.

If you are shopping for Christmas ideas, we have compiled a list of destinations in Nigeria to help you plan the perfect Christmas with your family.

  1. The City of Calabar

Calabar Carnival is Africa’s biggest street party. The carnival features great performances from several colorful bands, with celebrities and dignitaries in attendance, and numerous festive activities and concerts scheduled to keep visitors entertained throughout the yuletide season.

The Christmas festival begins on December 1 and ends December 31 every year, but the carnival itself which is the main event, occurs between 27th (Children’s Carnival) and 28th  (Adult’s Carnival) of December and is widely attended by lovers of culture across the globe.

It is definitely one of the best Christmas experiences in Nigeria.

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  1. Tinapa Resort

Tinapa is a business and leisure resort in the beautiful city of Calabar, Cross River State.  The resort has an artificial tidal lake that feeds from the Calabar River, a water park, a three star hotel, a casino, cinema, children’s arcade, restaurants, a mini amphitheatre and a movie production studio.

If you are spending Christmas in the city of Calabar, then Tinapa is a ‘must see’.

Tinapa resort


  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain resort is a beautiful development on a top leveled mountain, located in northern Cross River State. The ranch has numerous pleasant mountain-area and country-side views with a well preserved and calm serene environment to suit all visitors.

Tourist attractions include: the water park, cable-car, ranch cattle and horses, waterfall, nature reserve, honey and yogurt factories and the ancient Anape village.

Give your family a treat this Christmas and explore this mountain resort.

Romantic Destinations In West Africa


  1. The City of Lagos

Lagos becomes the city of lights every Christmas season with stunning Christmas decorations, music concerts and numerous exciting activities for everyone and every mood. The beauty of spending Christmas in Lagos is that moving around the city becomes very easy as most residents travel out of town to spend the holiday in other cities, thereby leaving the streets traffic free and calm.

Make sure you visit Victoria Island at night to view enchanting Christmas decorations. For additional fun, organize a picnic with your loved ones to the amazing beaches in Lagos.

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  1. Epe resort

Epe Resort is a beautiful and serene luxurious resort located at the end of the Epe-Lekki Express Way, Lagos. It is an ideal destination for anyone seeking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for some bonding time with their loved ones. Why not give your family a treat this Christmas by exploring the beauties of this magnificent resort.


  1. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort is located in a serene environment near the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Christmas in the city of Uyo is truly magical; the city comes alive with Christmas lighting and numerous activities that will give you the best Christmas experience.

The resort is a place where you can escape for some family time after exploring exciting Christmas activities in the main city.



  1. Ibeno Beach

Ibeno beach is a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean along the shores of Ibeno in Akwa Ibom State, where you can escape to some peace and quiet, as well as organize a picnic with your family and friends.

It is known to be the longest beach in West Africa and is one of the tourist attractions in Nigeria.



  1. MicCom Golf Resort, Osun State

MicCom Golf Hotels & Resort is Nigeria’s only privately owned golf course with hotel facilities attached to it. It is situated in the rural town of Ada in Osun State, famous for its serene environment and a choice place for a family vacation.

Facilities include a 90 room accommodation, a banqueting hall, an underground restaurant, a gym, tennis court and swimming pool.

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