Pack a Carry-On Luggage

How to Pack a Carry-On Luggage for a Month Trip

I am not your typical light-packer. I always travel with one carry-on and one checked-in suitcase and then return home with two suitcases, one carry-on & one duty-free shopping bag. I end up packing clothes and shoes I don’t get to wear on the trip.

Here are some smart travel tips from Oneika the Traveller on how to pack a carry-on luggage for up to a month trip.

1. Never pack more than 7 days worth of clothing. Trust me, you don’t need all the stuff you typically bring. When in doubt, do laundry at your destination.

2. Pack a colour scheme. When you pack items in complementary colors, everything matches.

3. Pack a mix of solids and prints. Solids are easy to match. Prints hide stains and add visual interest to your wardrobe.

4. Ditch heavy accessories. Don’t bring heavy jewelry. Accessorize instead with lightweight scarves.

5. Pack items that serve multiple uses. That scarf I just mentioned? It can double as a headwrap, sarong, or even picnic blanket.

6. Restrict yourself to 3 pairs of shoes. A good walking shoe or boot, a cute shoe, and a flip flop (perfect for the beach, walking around a hotel room or in the rain) are all you need.

7. Ditch heavy electronics. Unless you’re big into photography, your smartphone will do just fine.

8. Ditch the heavy toiletries and excess makeup. Ask yourself if you need to bring that bronzer or weighty bottle of shampoo. Use travel-sized carrying vials for those items you can’t live without.

Do you typically travel with carry-on only or do you tend to check a bag?

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