things you should never travel without

11 Things You Should Never Travel Without

Days before I travel, I always prepare a travel checklist and tick the items off the list when I pack them. Moments before I step out the door, I go through my list to ensure I ticked everything. That way, I never forget the things that are important to me.

Here are 11 things you should never travel without;

  1. Travel documents

Your passport, hotel booking, airline ticket receipt and itinerary are very important documents that should be tucked in safely into your carry on luggage or hand bag. We all know someone who misplaced their travel documents while on a trip.

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You should also confirm that your passport is valid for the duration of stay in your desired destination.  If you require a visa, you should make necessary arrangements to obtain one prior to your trip.

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  1. Credit/Debit Card and Cash

Even when you have your credit/debit card with you, it is important to have some local currency you can spend at your destination. Some local vendors may not accept cards or there may be a minimum amount required for the use of cards, so carrying cash with you might come in handy.

  1. Mobile phone

Staying in touch with your family and friends and keeping them informed of your itinerary is a safety measure, therefore your mobile phone is one of the things you should never travel without. Roaming charges are usually very expensive but you may purchase a local ‘pay as you go’ SIM card or connect with wireless service that allows you make data calls.

  1. Chargers

Travelling means you may spend more time outdoor. People often forget their chargers and end up shopping for one as soon as they arrive at their destination. I always pack an extra battery and a power bank for my mobile device.


  1. Universal power adaptor

You must understand that different countries have different power socket heads. You may have difficulties charging your device where the power socket differs from that of your charger. This is why it’s necessary to carry a universal power adaptor to solve this problem.


  1. Travel kits for toiletries

Want the feeling of being home away from home? Then pack your regular toiletries. I always pack two sets of toilet kits. One in my checked in baggage and a miniature one in my carry on baggage in case I have long layovers. I always pack my sewing kit too. Most hotels provide some of these things but I love to have everything I need readily available.

  1. Padlock

Putting a lock on your bag is another safety measure and should be on your travel checklist. This may not prevent a ‘determined thief’ 🙂  from getting into your bag, but you don’t want to make it any easy for the thief.

  1. Hand sanitizer/wet wipes

I never leave home without wet wipes and hand sanitizer!!! Travelling around using airplane facilities, door knobs, sweaty arms, sticky hands, shaking hands with people… trust me, you need hand sanitizer and wet wipes to clean up and stay refreshed at all times.

  1. Notebook and pen

This always comes in handy. I never leave home without my travel journal. You may need a notebook to quickly pen down your thoughts, plan your day, write an address or phone number.

  1. Umbrella

If you have bought an umbrella abroad before, then you will be mindful never to leave home without one. I always carry a cute little travel umbrella with me in case I need it.

  1. Flip flops

Yes you heard right. While packing my shoes, I always throw in one so I don’t have to buy when I get to my destination. You need this for your convenience and personal hygiene. Why buy one when you can pack one?

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