What To Know Before Visiting The Gambia

Why is the Gambia called “The Smiling Coast”?

It is because of its location on the map of Africa. The country cuts through the middle of Senegal and its position appears like that of a smile on the map.
It is one of the friendliest places to explore within the region. The people are warm and hospitable, and the beautiful beaches will certainly make you smile.

Where should you stay in the Gambia?

Book a beach hotel. The success of your trip largely depends on where you stay.

What should you expect?

1. Gambia is a small country; not a rich one, therefore, manage your expectations.
2. Gambians are courteous and they are also hustlers.
3. Activities within the capital city would involve visiting Arch 22 and its museum, learning about the history – particularly slavery, visiting the fine beaches, and exploring the food culture. To experience more of Gambia, take a trip to the countryside.
4. English is widely spoken.
5. The sunny beaches will be the highlight of your stay.
To watch a video of the best places to visit in the Gambia, see below.

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