Wakaholic Family Adventure

Wakaholic Family Adventure: My First Swimming Lesson

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Here is what Emma, a participant at the just concluded Wakaholic Family Adventure had to say.


“It was a weekend getaway to the beautiful Epe Resort, organized by The Wakaholic.  The order of activities for the weekend seemed interesting and i was determined not to miss out on it. Being a cake designer, I had to check my schedule to ensure i had no orders that weekend.  Once i confirmed that i had free time, i booked for the weekend trip. The activities included swimming lessons and so i packed my swimsuit and was ready to give it a try. It was going to be my first attempt at swimming.

First thing I learned was how to blow bubbles underwater water. I tried it a few times until I gulped water. After several attempts, I did the endurance test which measured how many seconds I could hold my breath underwater. Then i learned how to push the water waves behind me with my palms. I struggled at it until I could master just a bit. Then the actual swimming began. I swam a few meters while holding my instructor under water.  

It was a nice experience after all even though I need to practice more to become a pro. I can’t wait to try this again. Thanks to The Wakaholic for such a great experience at the Wakaholic Family Adventure .”

Read about our experience at the Wakaholic Family Adventure. Click on the link below.


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