My Experience in Morocco, by Stella.

I’ve always heard of Morocco and I guess it was on my list of countries to visit but it was never a high priority in comparison to other places. My friend and I went out one night and she mentioned that she was doing a travel talk tour around Morocco.

About a week later, we booked it in, and in a few months, I was flying out of London to Marrakech, one of the imperial cities of Morocco.

What an amazing 9 days I had in Morocco seeing all that it has to offer; the hustle and bustle of the city- Marrakech, the famous Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Sahara desert and the more relaxed beautiful/coastal towns- Agadir & Essaouira! I loved learning about their history, culture and religion and equally loved the delicious foods, tagines and mint tea!

Such a memorable experience!!! After looking back on this great adventure, I’m so glad that I pushed this country up on my list.  If it’s not on yours, I would recommend you add it right now!

My pictures can tell my story.

Morocco 13988891_10154435267551804_130149370_n Morocco- walking up the sand dune 14018030_10154435266891804_1716379338_n Morocco3 Morocco5 13933567_10154435267501804_407080908_n Morocco4 14012302_10154435267596804_1144149893_n 13989680_10154435267526804_138840175_n Morocco6 13988826_10154435267621804_1657418417_n Morocco- different sweets and deserts Morocco- hotel zalagh kasbah & spa


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