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Top 5 Travel Trends for 2019

The world of travel and tourism is evolving with new travel trends coming into play. Notably, experiential travel is on the increase with travelers seeking out authentic and remarkable adventure experiences in new places. Some of the trends are relatively new, but what we are seeing is a continuation of travel habits that have grown in popularity over recent years.

Here are five of the most notable travel trends that we are experiencing in 2019.

1. Weekend Trips & Short Getaways

More and more travellers are taking weekends and mini trips in 2019. Despite the fact that these are shorter trips, the travellers still expect original experiences that are personal, rewarding and suited to their interests. It is worthy of note that visitors are inclined towards unique types of accommodation to get the most authentic travel experience, even on the shortest of stays.

2. Food Tourism

According to a recent Skift report, there has been a growing demand for culinary travel. This trend is expected to continue through 2019 as more travellers plan their trips around food. This trend is driven largely by social media as travellers today have the ability to share their edible adventures with friends and even strangers — particularly through Instagram.

Food tourism has been long considered a niche market, but it is now moving into the mainstream as more destinations are recognizing the benefit of curating culinary experiences to attract these travelers.

3. Bleisure Travel

There is always time for leisure in the midst of business, the bleisure traveller is gaining prominence. In 2017 alone, it is estimated that over 60% of business trips were extended to include leisure time — a nearly 40% increase from the prior year. The trend steadily grew in 2018.

In 2019 there are no signs of slowing down. In fact, over 70% of travelers who combine business and leisure travel have reported that there are destinations they have visited or will visit in the future for business that they would also like to incorporate for leisure travel. Sightseeing, dining, arts, and culture are the most popular bleisure activities.

4. Families Want Adventure

Adults are no longer the only decision-makers when it comes to planning a trip. Children now play an influential role in family travel planning, they give sound ideas about what constitutes an ideal trip.

If you notice, families are starting to forego traditional beach vacations and pleasure park trips in favour of adventurous and novel experiences. This preference for experiential travel over consumer-driven trips is beginning to have an impact on travel & tourism and is playing a dominant role in 2019.

5. Instagram is Taking Center Stage

It’s an open secret that Instagram can be a destination’s best friend. This social media platform continues to revolutionize the industry, making “insta-tourism” an important marketing tool.

For anyone seeking out travel inspiration, this visual platform provides a more genuine “insiders look” at a destination than, say, a tourism brochure.

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