The Wakaholic: Tourism Blog of the Year

We have been nominated for TOURISM BLOG OF THE YEAR in the 2019 edition of The Pyne Awards.

I am very passionate about what I do, and even if I never get rewarded for doing this, I’d still do it with the same energy & style.

However, it feels great to be recognized for the work that I have put in and the sacrifices I have made over the years. The world needs to see this too.

So my friends, let’s win this, please.

1) Click on this link 👉
2) Then click on the vote icon
3) Fill in your email address and name
4) Scroll down and proceed to the next page to find my Category, TOURISM BLOG OF THE YEAR at No. 17
5) Vote for The Wakaholic
6) Share, tell a friend to tell another friend.

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  1. James March 20, 2020
    • Oto Tom March 20, 2020

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