Accra Ghana

Is Accra Ghana Ideal For Solo Travel?

Do I think Accra, Ghana is the ideal destination for solo travel? Just like most West African cities, my answer is NO! Regional flights within West Africa could sometimes be as expensive as flying from West Africa to faraway Europe, part of Asia or North America. This is a major deterrent for me to explore most of these destinations in the interim. I would rather go far and save the regional trips for when I become old and weary and can’t sit through long haul flights.

Accra Ghana

However, if you are looking to explore and spend time with family and friends, then, by all means, visit Accra Ghana but also visit other destinations such as Cape Coast.

Most of what you’ll experience in Accra would be centered around these three things; the history of slavery in the region, food, and music. The people are also very hospitable and kind.

I visited Osu Castle and here are some interesting facts I discovered;

  • Constructed in the 1660s, the castle was the seat of government in Ghana for many years.
  • The Castle is now a presidential museum. It also honors the history of slavery; i.e it represents a place in which Ghanaians were sold as slaves and many were killed in the past.
  • Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Ghana, resided in the Castle. The room she stayed in, with the bed she laid on was displayed in the castle.
  • The castle houses the first chapel in Ghana.
  • Osu Castle is now open to the public and it cost 40 Ghanaian Cedi to access the castle. Photos are allowed inside the castle.

Where should you stay?

Find a decent hotel on or an apartment via Airbnb within Osu, East Legon, and Cantonments. I stayed in Osu and was close to the places I wanted to visit.

Food Adventure

Ghana has lots of street food which you should try if you are adventurous. I didn’t have pleasant experiences with all of it, however, I tried Ghanian Jollof in an attempt to put an end to the heated war between Nigerian Jollof and Ghanian Jollof.

What else can you do in Accra?

Honestly, the list of ‘exciting activities’ in my opinion, is very limited. Nevertheless, you should visit Labadi beach especially at the weekend, explore Jamestown and see some of the historic sites in the city. Don’t forget to shop for quality African prints.

Have you visited Accra, Ghana before? Are there other exciting activities you can recommend? Share your comments with us.

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