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Funny Travel Experience: How i misplaced my travel documents

I was travelling from Lagos, Nigeria to Chicago IL, USA on Air France. We landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport for my connecting flight to the USA.  I picked up my handbag which was placed under the seat in front of me and cat walked out of the aircraft; shaking my bumbum… not knowing my travel documents had fallen out of my bag, right under the seat.

We had a layover of about 2 hours before our flight to Chicago and it never occurred to me to confirm if my passport was intact. I proceeded to the boarding gate, still shaking my bumbum, and thought it was time to find my travel documents. Hmmm, I searched my handbag, poured out the contents on the floor, sat on the floor with my legs stretched out and carefully searched for my passport. It was nowhere to be found. Chisos!!! I developed fever, my head was spinning, and I was totally confused. Omg… and Parisians don’t like to speak English. How was I going to explain this one? Lol

I became a risk, questions were asked (how did she get on the plane without a passport?), border control arrived, police came; and you know when they are discussing your matter in French and you do not understand French… I died! Lol

Then one very pleasant officer, whom God shall bless non-stop, took up my matter and decided to trace it back to the aircraft and my seat. I was lucky enough to remember my seat number. By the way, my ticket was also placed inside the missing passport. I started praying quietly that the aircraft should still be on ground.

She left for about 20 minutes. My God… that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. It felt like 20 hours.

Then, like in the movies, I sighted this pleasant lady from a distance, walking towards me and smiling. I didn’t have to look directly into the sun to see the sun ray. She found my travel documents!!!! Usain Bolt had nothing on me… I sprinted 4/40 and gave the lady the hug of life. My God! I had aged 5 years in just one hour.

I got my travel documents in time to board my connecting flight to Chicago.

By Obongawan.


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