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3 Days in Las Vegas: Day 1

So, i am in Las Vegas for 3 nights. This part of my trip, i consider it vital to document every detail because this is a major tick off my bucket list. 

I planned to explore Vegas with two amazing friends who bailed on me last minute. 🙁  So i had to connect with new ‘super amazing’ friends to explore the Sin City and share what i find.

I arrived Vegas and hit the ground running. It was a big night (It’s always a big night in Vegas) and i joined a team of fun lovers on the Vegas Limo Ride; every continent was represented on this ride. 🙂  This service cost $40 and included priority entry to the LAX Nightclub at Luxor Hotel, however we got a group discount and paid $25 each. We were driven around the city of lights and served drinks, with great music to go with it.

We ended up at the LAX Nightclub and partied real hard. I felt like i was 21 over again. Lawd!!!!

In Vegas, you either win or lose… Yes, we gambled!!! Did i win? Well, i learned. Lol

Vegas is incredible. I have been here just one day and i am completely astonished.

For Day 2: I plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip & explore the sights and sounds of the City.

It’s Vegas Baby!!!

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img_20161106_014558 img_20161106_015811 img_20161106_015824

I promise you’ll view clearer pictures in the future.. 🙂

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