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Essential Tips to Protect Your ID When Traveling

If you have been a victim of identity fraud or know someone who has been a victim of identity fraud, you can confirm that it is a very traumatic experience. It is essential that you protect yourself and the people connected to you from such tragedy.

These are a few tips for travelers to keep their identity safe while travelling.

  • Exercise caution when using an ATM. Inspect the machine for any suspicious items and observe your environment. ATMs located in banks are considered the safest.
  • Do not use public WiFi for financial transactions or activities that require your password. These connections are usually unsecure and information sent over such networks may be visible to others.
  • Keep your cellphones password protected.
  • Ensure you dispose your boarding pass properly as it contains personally identifiable information.
  • Notify your bank of your travel itinerary.
  • Sign up for debit alerts on your bank accounts and check them regularly. You can also restrict transactions on certain accounts.
  • Change your password whenever you observe any suspicious activities on any of your accounts. Ensure you do not respond to dubious messages/mails requesting that you change your password. Always confirm the source of such messages/mails and the url of such request, even when it appears unsuspecting.
  • Do not travel with all your bank cards. Restrict use to one or two cards while travelling. Leave the rest at home and eliminate your wallet of any card you do not require on your trip.
  • Sign up for internet banking to enable you manage your bank account from anywhere. Internet banking services are convenient platforms to transfer funds and monitor transactions on your account.


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