Emirates Airline Customer Service Reviews

Emirates Airline Customer Service Reviews

In June/July 2018, I took a total of 6 flights on Emirates Airline, from Africa to Asia, North America and back to Africa. Emirates has been portrayed as one of the top airlines mostly for their comfortable cabins and service.

Here is my review of flying Emirates Airline.

1. Lagos to the Maldives

It was the 3rd time I was flying Emirates Airline and I booked an Economy Class ticket. The seats were comfortable, the meals were good, in-flight entertainment  worked perfectly and had a wide selection of movies, tv shows, music etc.

Our flight departed Lagos on time and arrived Dubai International Airport in 7hours 50minutes. I had a 5-hour layover in Dubai before my connecting flight to the Maldives. The total flight time from Dubai to Male, Maldives was 4 hours.


Note that Dubai International Airport is a silent airport, therefore flights are not announced on the public address system. You should constantly check the screens provided at the airport for updates on your flight.

I loved this Classic Omelette served with pepper chicken chipolatas, hash browns and baked beans

2. The Maldives to New York

We departed the Maldives and arrived Dubai International Airport on schedule. I had a 12-hour layover before my connecting flight to JFK, New York. Our flight duration from Dubai to New York was 14hours.


  • Most airlines provide accommodation for long layovers but you must include this service when booking your ticket.
  • Paying for a short stay at the Dubai International Hotel within Terminal 1 and 3 will cost a minimum of $190.
  • Emirates does not offer meal vouchers for layovers, therefore ensure you make arrangements for your meals while waiting. There are restaurants and food courts at each terminal where you can have good meals.
  • Dubai Airport also has free showers where you can clean up and refresh before your connecting flight.

If you have a layover longer than 8hours, you can obtain a transit visa on arrival and explore the city of Dubai before returning on time for your connecting flight. It cost between $130-$175 to obtain a visa on arrival. You pay $130 if you have a hotel reservation in the city and $175 if you do not have a reservation.

There are reports that suggest the UAE government may start issuing 48 hours free transit visas to passengers transiting through the UAE, with an option to extend the visa for up to 96 hours at a fee.

3. New York to Lagos

Our flight departed New York on time and we arrived at Dubai International Airport in 12hours, 30minutes.

Worthy of note was this barbecue chicken in sauce served with mashed potatoes and spinach. It was the best airplane food I ate on the trip. I loved it.

Our flight to Lagos departed on time, however, attempts to land at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport failed at first instance due to the storm. Our plane was diverted to Accra, Ghana where we waited for an hour before returning to Lagos. The second attempt was successful as we touched down Lagos.

This was my third experience on Emirates and just like previous experiences, it was remarkable.

Have you traveled on Emirates Airlines before? Let’s have your Emirates Airline Customer Service Reviews.

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