How I Embarrassed Myself In Las Vegas

If you know me well, then you already know I can talk my way out of the stickiest situation; but not this time. 

It was Day 1 in Vegas and after our limo ride, we ended up at the LAX Nightclub at Luxor Hotel. Filled with so much excitement and vigor, I approached security at the entrance to the club and attempted to enter the club with my ‘Temporary Nigerian Driver’s Licence’ (in paper form).

Why not? I tried it twice in Los Angeles at ‘No Vacancy’ and was allowed in. Why won’t it work in Vegas? 🙂

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I never feel comfortable moving around with my international passport, so my driver’s licence is usually my preferred means of identification. In my defense, I applied for the renewal of my driver’s licence in June 2016 and was issued a temporary one in paper form (which expired in August 2016). I made a copy of the expired ‘temporary licence’ and it was re-validated for another 2 months. Now you know how long it takes to obtain a driver’s licence in Nigeria.

Brothers and Sisters, that it what I presented as my ID and got away with it twice in Los Angeles, but in Vegas- the Sin City, my guardian angel had gone to sleep. Lol

I spoke Queen’s English, argued, defended my country and tried all the tricks I knew but it did not work. I even brought out other forms of identification including my work ID card to further buttress my point but dude kept telling me, “This may be valid in your country but this is America. I’m sorry I cannot let you in with that. Please step aside, madam”.

Me? Madam? Lol

I watched my crew file into the club without me. They all had their passports with them.

How could I? After all that excitement and bragging about how much fun the night would be? I was having none of that. I was in Vegas for the fun and nothing was going to stop me. And so i hopped on the next taxi back to my room, picked up my ‘sacred international passport’ and made my way back to the club.

Imagine the excitement when my crew saw me break-dance into the club.

No dull moment please… It’s Vegas Baby!!!

las vegas


P.S.  You would think I’d learn my lesson and always have my passport with me, right? Well, I showed up again at a club in Boston, Massachusetts without my passport. Lol

Luckily, this time, my guardian angel was in human form. 😉


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