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Easy pancake recipe (pictures included)

Today on food adventures, we share this easy pancake recipe with pictures, inspired by IHOP (International House of Pancakes). Pancakes have become a popular breakfast choice for me because they are easy to prepare. The beauty of making food yourself is that you have control over your measurements and portions and can decide how healthy you want your meal to be. Talking about preference, I see people even add onions to pancakes. Lol

Today, I will show you how to make pancakes… (IHOP style). They make the best pancakes and I always strive to make my pancakes look like theirs’. Sometimes I’m close; most times I’m not. 🙂

Welcome to Oto’s House of Pancakes. Lol


  1. All purpose flour (can be substituted with whole wheat flour)
  2. Egg
  3. Baking powder
  4. Sugar
  5. Salt
  6. Flavoring
  7. Milk or plain yogurt
  8. Melted Butter
  9. Syrup
  10. Fruits to garnish (optional)

How I make mine:

Note that you can buy pancake mix in stores and make your work a little easier but, I’m a traditional babe and was taught to do things from the scratch. 🙂

I mixed my dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, pinch of salt), then whisked my egg, sugar (I used brown sugar), melted butter, flavoring, and cream.


I combined my wet and dry ingredients. Unless you are making crepes, you do not want to over-mix your batter. I added blueberries to my batter. I prefer the fresh ones but I bought the dried ones this time and had to soak them in milk for about an hour before I used it.

IMG_20160902_053954 (1)


I greased my pan. I used PAM oil spray.


Then I added my desired portion of batter to the pan, cooked for about 2 minutes (on low heat) and flipped for another minute. Ensure you use a spatula for this.


And there you have. I garnished mine with more blueberries and strawberry syrup (a marriage of flavors). 🙂



See more photos from my house of pancakes… 🙂


This was made with whole wheat flour
Made with whole wheat flour

IMG_20160430_105711 IMG_20160407_185601

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