Christmas in London

Christmas in London: Things to do in the City

London is a great place for Christmas and it is one of my favorite Christmas destinations. Christmas in London is truly enchanting, as the streets are illuminated with thousands of festive lights, offering various exciting Christmas activities such as Christmas theater shows, Christmas Carol Concerts, Ice skating and Christmas shopping.

There are many reasons why I love the City of London. London has one of the best transportation systems in the world, and i love how easy it is to connect parts of the city.

Shopping is another reason why i love the City of London. Typically, i could spend the entire day on the stretch of Oxford Street/Regent Street and return home a happy/tired girl then repeat same routine the next day. That is what London does to me.

Oxford Street/Regent Street and Westfield London are my favorite shopping destinations with various departmental stores offering amazing deals during the yuletide season. Make sure you explore Oxford Street after dark to appreciate the festive atmosphere and be prepared to contend with the crowd or queue to get into major departmental stores if you plan to grab amazing bargains in London’s huge boxing day sales. If you only want to window-shop and engage in people-watching, you are welcome. Ensure you stay warm. 🙂

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is a must-visit destination if you spend Christmas in the City of London. It has numerous exciting activities such as a giant observation wheel, ice skating rinks, top shows and a huge Christmas Market.

I have attached a few photos from my 2014 Christmas experience in London.

Have you experienced Christmas in London? Share your Christmas experience with us.


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