7 Must-See Places in Bauchi State

Bauchi State is located in the North-Eastern region of Nigeria. It is named after the hunter Baushe who settled in the area before the arrival of Yakubu who was one of Usman Dan Fodio’s( general commander of the Fulani jihad) commanders and the first traditional ruler of the Bauchi emirate.

Bauchi state was created on February 3rd,1976 with its capital city as Bauchi and has a population of about five million people who all inhabit the 20 local government areas present in the state.

Nicknamed “Pearl of Tourism”, Bauchi state which is also regarded as one of the two main sources of freedom for the Fulani Empire of Sokoto is indeed a tourism hub.

The major language spoken in the state is Hausa.

The 7 must-see places In Bauchi State include:

Yankari National Park and Game Reserve:

Yankari National Game Reserve is a wildlife reserve that was created in 1956. It is located in the South-Central part of Bauchi at Alkaleri local government area. The park covers an area of 2,244 square kilometers and accommodates several springs, a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as a wide range of animal species in their natural habitat. Yankari is also home to about 59 caves, a museum, a good number of hills, and over 130 wells, which is only a few of the large number of beauties that the park houses.

Did you know that Yankari Reserve has the largest elephant population in West Africa?

Yankari Game Reserve is one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in West Africa and the most developed wildlife park in the country.


Wikki Warm Spring and Wikki Camp:

You should see the Wikki spring. It is one of the several springs located in the Yankari National Game Reserve. It is 200 meters long and 10 meters wide and the spring has clear-crystal waters with white sand resting at the bottom. The spring is incredibly beautiful at night when the whole reserve is flooded with light.

It is also soothing to soak in the waters after a hot tiring day as it is extremely comforting and relaxing. The Wikki spring is open for swimming 24 hours a day.

Wikki Camp is a camp that is situated 42 kilometres from the game reserve’s entrance gate. The camp is a tourist accommodation facility that has over 110 furnished chalets which are designed to meet the needs of tourists from all levels of life.


Marshall Caves:

The marshall caves are 59 dwelling caves that are dug into sandstone escarpments. They were discovered in 1980 by P.J.Marshall, a British historian and they are found within the confines of the Yankari National Park.

The caves which are covered with rock paintings and engravings is a glimpse into the way of life of the people who lived there.


The ShauShau Iron Smelting Works:

The ShauShau Iron Smelting which was the largest historical complex in the West African sub-region is a smelting work that has about 60 standing shaft furnaces.


The Emir’s Palace:

This is the palace of the Emir of Bauchi.

The palace was built about 200 years ago by the famous 19th-century builder from Zaria called Muhammadu Durugu or Babban Gwani.

The palace which was originally constructed with mud has been renovated over the years, incorporating modern touches to suit today’s housing.

A unique place to learn about Bauchi’s history, the palace is a grand edifice to behold.


Tafawa Balewa Tomb:

This is the tomb of the first prime minister of Nigeria, Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and it is located at Ran Road, Bauchi.

The tomb also houses the personal effects of the late prime minister who was assassinated in the 1966 coup. His belongings are on display for visitors to see.


Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium:

Dedicated to the memory of Sir Balewa, the stadium is located along Ibo street by Murtala Mohammed way. The stadium has a Games Village and even an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Lovers of fun, leisure and, sports will find this place perfect for relaxation.

A visit to these 7 must-see places in Bauchi will leave you informed and basking in the awe of nature.

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