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7 European Destinations You Should Visit Before You Die

Going through life without seeing the world is like staying on one page of your favorite book and never ever flipping through or at least daring to. There are many amazing locations in the world to explore and if you haven’t begun your travel adventure yet, I suggest you waste no more time.

There are many exciting European destinations you must absolutely visit before you die. The good news is… these destinations are fully operated by one of the most reliable airlines in Europe and the world at large.

KLM flights offer unique opportunities to fly and discover over 80 European destinations.

You can book on without additional charges and enjoy numerous services such as hassle-free transportation to and fro the airport, car rental services, accommodation bookings as well as great tax-free deals for all your shopping.

Now let’s explore our must-see European destinations.


# 7 Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Yes! It is an amazing city and one of the best European destinations with a refreshing experience you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Every area of this city has its own uniqueness and variety ranging from shops, restaurants, architectural treasures, world-class museums, sports, beauty/wellness locations and iconic sights and attractions.  

Some of the top attractions in Amsterdam include the Rijksmuseum which has a vast collection of amazing iconic arts and Anne Frank House, a museum that exhibits the life of a Jewish wartime diarist.

Nightlife is not left out in this city as it has a  range of dance festivals and clubs that suits every taste. You can say that “variety” is the word in this beautiful city.


# 6 Dublin

The next city in this category is Ireland’s beautiful capital, Dublin which is great for a family vacation.

For Guinness lovers, you’ve probably heard that the brand tastes better in Dublin (fresh from the factory). 

European Destinations

The Guinness factory and other attractions such as  Merion Square, National Museum, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin Zoo and St Patrick’s Cathedral are amazing sights to explore in the city.

Dublin is filled with Irish charm which is capable of making one stay longer than they planned to.

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# 5 London

The ancient city of London, United Kingdom’s capital is one of the most charming European destinations and you can find out why we love the City of London in this post.  London no doubt is an ideal European Holiday destination not just for the family but also for solo travelers. 

There are numerous attractions to look out for in the City of London which include the iconic Big Ben clock tower at the middle of the city and the London Eye Observation Wheel with special features providing panoramic views of the entire city. The Dennis Servers House, for instance, is a must visit artistic location in the city. When you step into Dennis Servers House, you literally step into 1724.

London is also the perfect Christmas destination with numerous exciting activities throughout the yuletide season.

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# 4 Milan

This Italian city is known as the global capital of fashion and design. It offers great opportunities for chic shopping, high-end restaurants, breathtaking architectural landmarks such as the iconic Duomo, exciting musical and dance performances and a vibrant nightlife.

Now, who wouldn’t want to visit Milan?

Other attractions include Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, shopping at the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (which is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls) and taking a food/wine tour to experience Italian cuisines.

Read about my experience in Milan and the best things to do in the city


# 3 Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and its largest city. This city is so beautiful you’ll think you stumbled on a fairytale. It has a large cultural and artistic heritage and locals who surely know how to live well.

Some amazing attractions to look out for include the statue of the bear and strawberry tree, the magnificent Royal Palace, the Retiro Park and countless museums with iconic art and history.

Madrid is also one of the most open cities in the world and it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can fit in just fine.

Find out why we love Madrid here.


# 2 Geneva

Geneva is Switzerland’s largest city- a global hub for diplomacy and banking. This beautiful city lies at the tip of the Lake Geneva and is surrounded by the stunning Alps and Jura mountains.

Geneva is your ideal European destination with its unique charm and lakeside sophistication. There are many exciting attractions which include the Flower Clock, Old town, St Pierre Cathedral and Place Bourg du.

The Jet d’Eau, a very large fountain which spurts up out of Lake Geneva at the point where it empties into the Rhone river is a must-see in the city.

Geneva is definitely one of the most charming European destinations.


# 1 Barcelona

This is yet another ideal European destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. This city may be famous for its success in football but did you know that Barcelona has a wealth of history and miles of unspoiled golden and sandy beaches? Well, now you know.

It is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations and a unique city which best suited for city beach breaks.

Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations with amazing sights ranging from museums, lookouts, and beaches which makes it a perfect location for the family.

Whether you are a football lover or not, do not forget to take a tour of the FC Barcelona football stadium.


Now pack up your travel bags and your camera, book your seat on KLM and get ready for an adventurous trip in Europe.

Thank me later. 🙂

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