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3 Places to Travel Alone for Christmas Holidays

Christmas is usually a lovely time of the year. Whether you choose to spend it with family or by yourself, the season has something for everyone.

Most people fear spending the season alone or travelling by themselves, but I differ. Although you may be travelling solo, you will not be alone, as there are many like-minded people who flee the hassle of Christmas traditions and head off to warm sandy beaches or the thrill of the slopes.

Once you have your passport and visa, any destination is up for grabs, and your season of ‘giving’ can begin!

Logistics to Consider When You Travel Alone For Christmas:

There truly are very few limitations on where to go during the month of December – the Christmas season tends to make any destination even jollier. However, although you may be heading off on an exciting adventure of the unknown, it is worth bearing in mind that thousands of travellers will be doing their yearly trudge back to their family homes. During this peak travel season, the opportunity for things to go wrong does increase. So it is imperative to have travel insurance to protect you against situations such as delayed or cancelled flights or health issues.

Escape to Paradise:

When it comes to travelling at Christmas time it is best to push the boat out and flex those adventure-seeking muscles. Some of the least considered destinations are in fact the most exciting during the holiday season. Here are the top 3 truly merry spots to visit in December.

Goa, India

Christmas is one long celebration across India, but in Goa, a former Portuguese enclave with 105km of sandy beaches caressed by the warm Arabian Sea, it is a reason to party literally all night and day. Party hard with your fellow revellers under the twinkling fairy lights and tinsel-adorned palm trees.

The weather is perfect, both day and night, and Goa knows how to celebrate. The bars are open late and the raves go on till even later. After the elaborate fireworks display, head to one of the quieter beaches, such as Mandrem or Arambol, and witness a truly awe-inspiring sunrise with your new friends.


Dubai, UAE

Well known for its luxury lifestyle, Dubai doesn’t hold back at Christmas time. Weather-wise, December is an ideal time to visit Dubai as the blazing heat calms down to a luxurious 19-25°C. It is a shopper’s delight with numerous designer apparel and jewelry stores offering pre-holiday sales.

Dubai’s nightlife can only be described as ‘classy’; be prepared to don your finest labelled brands to impress the equally exquisitely formed ladies in some of the most luxurious bars in the world.

The Buddha Bar is where you will find fellow expats, or head to Vu’s Bar which, being on the 51st floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Tower, literally feels like you are on top of the world.


Vail, Colorado

If you simply cannot abandon the heart-warming dreams of a traditional ‘White Christmas’ then head to Vail, Colorado for full coverage of the cold, fluffy white stuff. Vail will be adorned with every traditional holiday decoration imaginable as visitors truly embrace the season’s joy.

However, there are rarely travellers there under the weight of familial obligation or requirement, so the beer and liquor-soaked festivities are epic. After a thrilling day on the slopes (skiing or wildlife watching for ‘snow bunnies’) head back to a roaring fire found at your luxury mountain hotel, for craft beers and luxury spa services.

Enjoy the season of merriment the way most of us wish it could be; without worry and no concern about being put on the ‘naughty list’.

Leave a comment. Tell us the best destinations you have visited alone during the Christmas season.

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