My Review of Staying at The George Hotel Lagos

The George Hotel

Prior to my visit to The George Hotel, I always thought it was a luxury apartment, like any other high-end luxury apartment you would find in the Ikoyi neighborhood, but I was wrong.

The George is a 61-room luxury hotel with classic rooms, executive rooms, classic suites and penthouse suites with private balconies where you can catch stunning skyline views of Lagos, Nigeria. It also has a fine dining restaurant, gorgeous pool area, well-equipped fitness center and rooms with global TV channels, meeting/conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment that can sit up to 100 people.

The George Hotel is an exclusive boutique hotel; providing World Class service and value to guests. It is a safe and beautiful hotel with free access to Wi-Fi in all areas. The cuisine is astonishing, the service exceptional, and the staff well-trained and very hospitable. It is the ideal accomodation for travellers who desire privacy, serenity and exclusivity.


The Reception

At The George Hotel, hospitality is the watchword. The warm reception by the staff and ease of checking-into rooms is exceptional. Upon arrival, I met with the lovely Kofoworola who was professional in her approach, yet charming in her disposition. The General Manager, Gordon Gorman also came to extend his warm welcome. It was so rewarding to discover Gordon’s passion and enthusiasm in delivering World Class service and value- talk about personalized service!

The George Art Collection

Unique to the George is the rich display of some of the finest pieces of art that depict ‘The Renaissance’. The George Art Collection displays work of art portraying renowned artists such as Paolo Veronese, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titan, Pisanello, Raphael etc.

Lunch at The George

Lunch was an opportunity to enjoy a variety of European and African cuisines as well as some champagne. Worthy of commendation is the service from the Waiting Service Team at The George. The staff at The George Hotel are well trained and exceptional in service delivery. This was undoubtedly the best service I received from a restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria.

Gordon, Margaret, Oto and Philip

Private Gourmet Dinner 

It was ‘French Night’ and Chef Micheal delivered one hundred percent. I started the evening trying the Cosmopolitan Da Vinci cocktail, made of Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry, and lime, with some delicious hors-d’oeuvre to go with it.

The fine dining experience was remarkable. We were served a 4-course meal with a brilliant selection of good wine, jazz music and enjoyed breathtaking views of the pool area from the restaurant.

How I Got my Beauty Sleep at The George

At The George, I had my ‘beauty sleep’ and woke up refreshed and ready to hit the gym. Margaret (The Ajala Bug) and I stayed in the two bedroom penthouse suites and woke up to the most amazing views. The serenity of this hotel is incredible.

For a moment, I thought I was away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Lagos, as this property provides an escape from everything. The George is sited at an appreciable distance away from the road, thereby shutting out noise associated with movements on the road. The greenery is a sight to behold.


Breakfast was served in the room. I had the full English breakfast with eggs, boiled potatoes, sausages, mushrooms, toast, hot chocolate, and a variety of fruits. Like they say, “Breakfast Like a King”.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at The George is phenomenal. This service cost N17,000 and includes a rich display of European and African cuisines and the live-band performing some soul music. This is where the affluent love to dine and it is no surprise why The George is exclusive and in a class of its own.

Oto, the very talented Chef Micheal and Margaret (The Ajala Bug)

Oto (The Wakaholic) and Margaret (The Ajala Bug)

My Final Thoughts on The George

  • The hotel may be pricey, but it is definitely worth the service you get. The service here is world class, personalized and impeccable.
  • Even if you cannot afford a room in The George Hotel, you can always visit the hotel to try out the food, the legendary Da Vinci cocktails, and Sunday brunch.

These were the highlights of my stay at The George Hotel.

Contact The George

Address: 30 Lugard Ave. Ikoyi, Lagos


Phone: +234 01466 3664

Room rates (as at November 2017):

  1. Two bedroom penthouse – N495,000 ($1,364)
  2. One bedroom penthouse suite -N250,000 ($689)
  3. Classic suite -N195,000 ($538)
  4. Executive room -N155,000 ($427)
  5. Classic room -N125,000 ($345)

For more information on The George Hotel, click here.

Have you wined, dined or stayed at The George? Tell me about your experience.

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  1. Superb! I also thought it was a block of luxury apartments. The food…totally tempting!! It would be nice to experience Chef Micheal’s magic soon. Christmas goals!

    1. Wow, I’m really short of words. This is money speaking. Lol😃. It’s really classic and something to look forward to. Couldn’t take my eyes off the dessert. I love dessert☺. The breakfast indeed was ” just like a king”. The meal is really tempting. Weldone wakaholic😉👍

  2. Is this the popular Temptation island? Kilode? Luxury, comfort, indulgence, pamper, serenity, class, and the whole world’s foods in one place! One weekend escape destination noted. Welldone, Oto.

  3. The food pictures made me hungry 🙂 … and I believe the desserts in particular will be something to look forward to. While the Sunday brunch service is quite high, I’m reminded of the popular saying that ” Soup wey sweet na money kill am’.

  4. I have a good idea of the place because I was part of the project right from Design stage. I supplied some of the bathroom fittings. Bathroom mixers are of top quality brand ‘Axor’ from hansgrohe Designed by the famous Anthonio Citterio.
    Will try their food during my Christmas visit to lagos.
    Well done Aunty Oto

  5. Amazing pictures…..classy!!!! Neat rooms, excellent atmosphere…..surely not a place to go when you are counting pennies(smiles) but I’m definitely having this experience during the Christmas holiday….. its hard to get a hotel with zero complaints…..

  6. Excellent review. Looks great for another honeymoon. Hope check out time is not 12noon cos I will be never be ready to leave before 6pm not after paying all that😊

  7. Wow, it’s surely a beautiful place..great job Oto 👍🏼 good to know it’s away from d hustle and bustle of Lagos.. we’ll c, we’ll surely c😀

  8. A true escape from the hustle and bustle.
    Do they ever run promo packages…? It’ll be good to know. Maybe middle income earners will be able to afford a stay or at least Sunday brunch…😊

  9. Wow, it’s surely a beautiful place..great job Oto👍🏼 good to know it’s away from d hustle and bustle of Lagos.. we’ll c, we’ll surely c😀

  10. Same!!.I usually pass by the George Hotel on my way to Court & had always thought of it as a block of luxury serviced flats..Had also seen insta posts from friends praising the Sunday brunch..

    Oto, your post drives the point home, with your clear pictures & candid review..Good read!!.. Will definitely try out the fine dining at the George one of these weekends (with bae of course).

    Well done, Oto!. I look forward to seeing more reviews of these hidden gems in our city…😊😊😁…

  11. Wow! I was drooling the entire time while scrolling through this post. Such a great place, from the pictures the hotel has a very homey yet luxurious feel, although i feel like there should be more to this place..Nice room, food service, free wifi is cool & all..I guess whatever i feel is missing is well supplemented by their top-notch service delivery which is actually more important than anything else. When I blow I’ll definitely visit. Nice one.

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