wakaholic adventure 2018

Wakaholic Adventure 2018 is Here: Let’s Explore Europe

Wakaholic Adventure 2018 will be a 2 week long trip (departing from Lagos, Nigeria) where we shall spend 7 days exploring Venice, Italy (and perhaps, Rome) and the remaining 7 days onboard a Mediterranean Cruise that will depart from Venice, with stops at Dubrovnik (Croatia), Kotor (Montenegro), Santorini and Katakolon (Greece).

The Cruise includes up to 7 meals a day, accommodation(sharing), free use of all gym equipment and Jacuzzi facilities, 24-hour room service, all entertainment and activities onboard, tea/coffee throughout etc.

A minimum commitment (deposit) of $1,000 must be paid on or before February 1, 2018, and the balance can be paid up until 15th April 2018.

Note that early commitment is vital for visa profiling. Interested persons should please send an email to thewakaholic@gmail.com to request for payment details and visa profiling. If you have any questions about this adventure, ask Aunty Oto. šŸ˜Š

Business class package and cruise rates for residents outside Nigeria are available upon request.


wakaholic adventure 2018

ANSWER: Even if the issuance of Schengen Visas were automatic, I would be reluctant to guarantee such unless I trust that you have a genuine intention of returning to Nigeria after the Wakaholic Adventure 2018.

Therefore, to establish a reasonable level of comfort, you must;

1. Earn a regular income that is sustainable.

2. Ensure this income reflects on your statement of account. Start now and consistently build your records. Avoid the mistake of making huge deposits into inactive accounts. It is a deal breaker!!!

3. Have enough ties in Nigeria e.g a job, active business, spouse, family etc.

4. Travel history is an added advantage, however, itā€™s not a deal breaker for this trip.


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