the culture and people of akwa ibom

The Unique Culture and People of Akwa Ibom State by Nwedobong Okon

Akwa Ibom day celebration happens September 23, every year and I’m delighted to share this with the world!
If you check my name, you’ll see OBONG attached to it. Almost every AkwaIbomite has that attached to their names. The term OBONG means:
1.        GOD
3.       ROYALTY

So feel free to call me OBONG if you want. I have an English name but I don’t know where my baptismal certificate is!😫
I take pride in my ‘earned’ heritage! Hospitality is our hallmark. We have a lot of lingual diversity within us. If you fancy Spanish language, wait till you meet people of the ORO nation! The ANNANG language makes profanity sound less dense; only indigenes will understand what I mean. The EKET people have an interesting tongue twisting language that could compare to French.

Our dance is called UTAH and very similar to a dance in Ghana, Mongolia and another country I can’t recall right now. Should I talk about our traditional cuisine? Women of other ethnicities have been loosing husbands to Akwa Ibom women since 200 B.C! Argue with “KOP NO MI!”, our traditional love portion😜

‘Akwa Ibom Ayaiya’, meaning Akwa Ibom is Beautiful!😍 Come see for yourself!

Happy Akwa Ibom day! Long live the people of Akwa Abasi Ibom State! Abasi odiong Akwa Ibom isong emana nnyin! (God bless our fatherland).

I have included some pictures to showcase the unique culture and people of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria!


Ibom Plaza


ibom-people ibom-people-2

dizzney1 dizzney2 dizzney3


akwa ibom women

Edita- iwa ye isip (edible cassava & coconut. a local snack ) 🙂


Ekpang nkukwo- this is a pottage dish made with coco yam, water yam and wrapped in leaf.


Afang soup made with snails. I don’t know any AkwaIbomite that doesn’t like afang soup. 🙂


Ekpang nkuwo


Atama soup



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