becoming a better saver

Tips for Becoming a Better Saver

Traveling the world and achieving set travel goals requires money. Now, how much will totally depend on how well you can plan and execute your travel plans. Whether you are saving to join our annual group trip, your honeymoon or a family vacation, here are some practical tips for becoming a better saver.

Start now: The time to start is right now! Do something proactive today to kick-start your saving habit. 

Budget: A well written out budget will straighten you out and help you plan better toward saving. 

Set goals: What are you saving towards? How much do you need for it? When do you need the money by? Setting a goal motivates you and helps you avoid wasting your savings. 

Save automatically: It’s easier to save if you make it automatic. The money goes out of your day-to-day cash account into another account opened specially for your savings. 

Save windfalls: Did you just get some unexpected cash? A work bonus, a cash gift? Put that money into your saving, rather than a splurge. 

Get a Savings Plan: With a monthly ccontribution, you can enjoy superior returns on your savings than the ordinary savings account offer as well as other benefits.

There you have it! Six useful tips for becoming a better saver.

Credit: Axa Mansard

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