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Helpful Tips for First Time Travel to Cuba

Mention Cuba, a tall father figure in military suit is what most people have in mind – yes Fidel Castro! There’s nothing wrong with that because Castro ruled Cuba for almost half a century!

Whatever you think about Cuba’s politics or its associations with communism, the country is charming and has a sense of rustic characteristics.

Cuba is one of the many “islands in the sun” in the Caribbean archipelago. It is surrounded by the USA in the north, Mexico to the west and South America in the south.

Despite the island nation being under communist rule, many travelers around the world still yearn to travel to Cuba to explore the sights and sounds of this unique destination which is famous for its beautiful beaches, vintage cars, music, pastel houses, and old buildings with Spanish-colonial architecture.

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Here are some useful tips for first-time visitors to Cuba.

Passports And Visas

Visitors require a valid passport and visa or tourist card to travel to Cuba. Before you travel to Cuba, find out if you require a visa or you are eligible to apply for a tourist card. Tourist cards can be arranged by a travel agent or you can purchase one from the airline that brought you in the country or from the Cuban Embassy or Consulate in your original country. It is important that you do not lose your tourist card, otherwise, you will experience difficulties getting out of the country. Proof of medical insurance is also required by all visitors to Cuba, including those with Cuban nationality residing outside of Cuba

Declare Your Belongings

If you bring in items such as phones, laptops, camera or other electronic devices, they must be declared to the customs authority. This will also include cash if it is more than $5,000.

Credit Cards

Most hotels and restaurants, do accept Visa & MasterCard. However, you will need cash, especially when traveling out of the main city. Note that Credit cards issued by US banks are NOT accepted.


Ensure that you make your hotel reservation before you travel to Cuba. Internet access in Cuba is limited and you may be unable to access your preferred booking sites on arrival.

Moving Around

Inter-city transport services are available in Cuba. In Havana, walking around the city is the best and cheapest way to experience and embrace the Cuban culture. You can either do this on your own by obtaining a decent map of the city to use as a guide or you pay a local tour guide to show you around.

Shopping For Souvenirs

Finally, ensure you shop for souvenirs before you get to the airport- to save cost. Don’t forget your Cuban Cigar, even if you do not smoke. It’s the trademark!

Have you visited Cuba? Share your first time travel experience with us.


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