My Funny Story: traveling with a child, by Osi.

So in 2014, I traveled with my daughter, elder sister and some friends for summer vacation in Dubai. My daughter stayed awake the entire flight, watching cartoons. Moments before we landed, this young lady started sleeping.

I didn’t travel with a stroller as I kept telling myself “I will buy one when we get there, it is cheaper”. My daughter was age 3- going to 4, at the time and weighed nothing less than 20kg (I think… 🙁 ). I couldn’t even remember the last time I carried her, and there I was, trying to figure out how that would work with my carry-on luggage.

We got to the passport control queue and my sister and I took turns carrying this ‘very healthy baby’. It was as if everyone ‘turned up’ in Dubai that day because the queue was way too long. My goodness… we suffered!

We repeated this routine till it got to our turn. There and then… one ‘wicked man’ who had eyes on us the whole time; watching us suffer with the ‘sleeping child’ walked up to us and said,  ” Do you know you can hire a stroller from over there?” Dude points towards an Emirate stand with over 20 strollers. 🙁

Like seriously? Why so evils? As in, after all that suffering? Lol

I was just too weak and too embarrassed to respond.  As we entered the city, I didn’t bother checking into my hotel, I went in search of a stroller. Lol

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