5 Things You Should Know About Airplane Food

Let’s talk about airplane food. At 30,000ft above sea level, airplane food is the real MVT (most valuable thing). I seldom eat before flying, hence I’d force myself to stay awake and keep my neck up till food is served. I cannot afford to wake up & discover that food was served & they passed me by.  

My most memorable airplane food experience was on @flyrwandair from Lagos en route Kigali and Dubai. I felt like the chef understood my needs on that flight. The meals were tasty and the portions were generous.

My worst airplane food experience was on @etihadairways on an Abu Dhabi bound flight from New York. I was hungry, waited for so long, the food finally came and it was basmati rice with okro and no protein. I couldn’t eat it, and so I stayed hungry till breakfast was served. It was an unpleasant 14-hour flight.😭😢

If you would like to know more about airplane foods, here is an insight shared by Holiday Extras:

1. Food tastes different on a plane

Your senses get a bit confused. Flying at high altitude alters your sense of taste and smell.

2. Some airlines do offer the option to upgrade your airline meal online in advance.

For example, with British Airways you will receive a free standard meal on an economy flight, but you can also order and pay for a more tempting dish from a larger menu from between 30 days and 24 hours before your flight.

3. Airline meals for babies are rarely provided

If you are traveling with children, you will need to pack your own baby food/milk and equipment in your hand luggage, following current baggage guidelines.

4. Halal in-flight meals

If you’re flying on an airline from an Islamic country, the airplane food will usually be halal, meaning that it is free from pork and alcohol and made using ritually slaughtered animals.

5. Most airlines offer alcoholic drinks on their journeys.

Whether you have to pay for them on the likes of Ryanair or easyJet, or they’re complimentary with your first class ticket or offered on your long-haul business flight, a lot of carriers will keep you topped up.

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