My Visit to Rwanda – by Bimbo

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After seeing the movie, “Hotel Rwanda“, I had mixed feelings about visiting Rwanda. But when I eventually visited in October 2017, I had a memorable experience and would encourage you to visit Rwanda. If you decide to visit Rwanda, please ensure you interact with locals to learn more about this beautiful country. 

In Kigali, I visited:

The Belgian Peacekeeper Memorial, Hotel des Mille Collines  ( Hotel Rwanda), Nyamata Genocide Memorial, Presidential Palace, Kigali Genocide Memorial, and Nyamirambo Women Centre where I joined a walking tour around the Nyamirambo Community – the oldest part of Kigali.


In Lake Kivu,

I went on a local boat to tam tam beach, visited the Hot Springs of Nyamyumba, took a ride to the border between Rwanda and Congo, visited the Twin Lake at Burera and enjoyed food at a local restaurant.
Rwanda made a good first impression.
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