What Nigerians Eat During Christmas

Nigerian food


1. Rice and Chicken Stew

Christmas rice as it is fondly called, served with stew is a staple food of the average Nigerian. What is Christmas in Nigeria without rice and stew? Nothing!

2. Fried Rice

Fried Rice is mostly served with side dishes such as coleslaw/salad and fried plantain.

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3. Ukwa (African Breadfruit Pottage)

Popular in the eastern part of Nigeria is ukwa, also known as African breadfruit. It is a pottage dish loved by many.

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4. Fisherman’s soup

Fisherman’s soup is a famous delicacy in the southern part of Nigeria. It is made with seafood and is food for the affluent.


5. Pounded yam with White Soup (Afia efere)

This is one of the most famous traditional delicacies among the Efiks and Ibibios in Southern Nigeria, and it is widely consumed during festive seasons. The soup is popularly made with goat meat and thickened with pounded yam.

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6. Ofada rice and stew

Ofada stew is famous in South-West Nigeria. If you love spicy foods, then you should try ofada stew.


7. Pounded yam with vegetable soup (Efo-riro)

Efo-riro soup is popular among the Yoruba people and it’s commonly served with pounded yam.


Tell us about your favorite Nigerian food.

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