Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

10 Best Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

The beauty of short let apartments is the homey ambiance you get in them. They are not as impersonal as hotels and you indeed feel at home even when you are far from home. This is especially true when the apartments have been perfectly designed and exquisitely finished. That is one major reason why short let apartments in Nigeria are becoming popular as more people embrace this culture of luxury.

So, which are the best short let apartments in Nigeria based on location, sophistication, and ratings among others?

Here is a list of 10 short let apartments recommended by ShortLet Homes:

  1. The Stephens Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

Embrace the comfort and total privacy of this fabulous townhouse in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa. Recently added to the Shortlethomes portfolio, Stephen’s Luxurious home is the perfect haven for you if you’re looking to have a luxury home all to yourself and your friends and family.

With quick access to major roads, spending time out at the finest restaurants, bars, and fun places will not be an issue. 

  1. Zoe’s 5-Star Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

The warmth of this stunning home will instantly make you feel at home. You will be dazzled by the stylish architecture and the breathtaking interior. Also in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa, and easily accessible from major roads, the Zoe’s Luxury Home comes fully packaged for just one guest.

The entire building, its dreamy living room, all 3 ensuite bedrooms, modern amenities, and home appliances are yours and yours alone! Little wonder Kayode, who lodged there in December 2020, had this to say: “I enjoyed my stay at Keji’s place and I’d definitely be back!”

  1. Ope’s Luxury Home

What you get at this magnificent 3 bedroom [all ensuite] home is a living room with decor so gorgeous you’d think you were standing in the middle of a glossy magazine. It also has a large dining area, spacious kitchen, and games room which is specially designed to create stronger bonds between friends and family.

Situated in a gated, secure estate in Lekki Phase 2, Ikate, Ope’s Luxury Home is complete with a swimming pool. It is well rated by guests who have stayed there. 

  1. Phiola’s Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

Rated as being “beautiful in pictures, but better in real life” Phiola’s Luxury Home mixes opulence and a homey feel in a way that excites and makes you want to extend your stay. The fact that it is the 3rd most booked home in the Short let Homes Portfolio attests to this.

Based in Osapa London and featuring modern African art and truly glamorous furniture, it is indeed a wonderful place to be in.

Phiola’s Luxury Home is in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa, waiting to welcome you into its world of beauty and magical colours. Circle mall, Lekki Conservation Center, and Laguna Beach are just short drives away.

  1. Sophia’s luxury home

Think elegance, mind-blowing luxury, and exclusivity and Sophia’s Luxury Home fits the bill perfectly. Guests are so in love with this magnificent edifice in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa that they can’t help but extend their stay on multiple occasions. With its captivating interior design, two driveways, swimming pool, gym, and fully functional modern amenities, you’ll be getting value for money at the Sophia’s Luxury Home.

In the words of Kola, a guest who stayed here in November 2020, “everything here is beautiful.”

  1. Lara’s Luxury home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

Lara’s Luxury home is conveniently located just 7 minutes from Landmark Beach. But what’s even better than its prime location is the ritzy interior, the plushness of its velvet chairs, while still maintaining an unmistakable feeling of home!

Lara’s 5-star Luxury Home in Victoria Island is supremely classy without losing its coziness. Not many short let apartments in Nigeria come close to its level. 

  1. Keji’s Luxury Home

In terms of its sheer splendidness, Keji’s Luxury remains undefeated even after two years. Its reputation continues to soar as the go-to short let apartment in Nigeria that meets all your needs with genuine sophistication. It is easy to see why it is the most booked short let apartment in the Short Let Homes portfolio, with 45% of guests coming back to have that refreshing home-away-from-home feeling.

Based in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa, Keji’s Luxury home is an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, safe and absolutely secure while offering the finest taste of Nigerian hospitality. According to Dolores, who was there in November 2020, “such a wonderful experience… I came to Nigeria for my wedding. Keji Luxury Homes is a place of hospitality. I enjoyed my stay.

  1. The Daniel’s Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

Located at Lekki Phase 2, Ikate, The Daniel’s Luxury Home is designed, and perfectly suited to your needs in the most dazzling ways. This four-bed townhouse is fabulous with its stunning colour scheme, a terrace laid out on three floors, an ultra-modern 65-inch TV in the living room, a cushy super king bed, and walk through wardrobe.

With a 55 inch TV in its master bedroom amongst other amenities to ensure comfort and an unforgettable experience, the Daniel’s Luxury Home is nothing short of charming. 

The Daniel’s Luxury home is close to Admiralty road, Lekki Phase one with and a bunch of restaurants and fun places within reach.

  1. Achikare’s Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

The Achikare’s Luxury Home is located in Victoria Island in a secure, upscale estate. It is close to major attractions like Landmark Beach, and a host of Lagos’ finest restaurants. Fitted with super luxury 4 bed, pool table, air hockey table, ultra-modern home amenities, and an interior design to die for, the Achikare Luxury Home is a favourite amongst customers seeking short let apartments in Nigeria.

  1. Tiara’s Luxury Home

Short Let Apartments In Nigeria

In a nutshell; unmatched sophistication and jaw-dropping luxury. Tiara’s Luxury Home lives up to its name with its opulent aura, the ambiance of a palace, and an interior design that’d leave your mind totally blown away. Perfectly located in Lekki Phase 1 and by far the most loved, Tiara’s Luxury Home has everything you’ll find in other short let apartments in Nigeria, but with grandeur that surpasses every other.

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