35 Destinations I Plan To Visit Before I Turn 35

Travel Bucket List

Birthdays do call for sober reflection. A few days to my birthday I always spend some time alone to reflect on the achievements of the past year(s) as well as my goals for the year(s) to come and this year isn’t different.

I started traveling the world in 2010. Prior to this, I was obsessed about traveling the world and would explore images of stunning destinations and wish I could afford to travel to those places (I still do). I was a rookie then, barely 3 years at the bar and still had academic pursuits ahead of me, therefore traveling around the world appeared impossible at the time. I simply thought I could not afford to travel.

Over the years, this ideology changed because I have discovered that travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

As a passionate traveler, there’s not one country in the world I do not want to visit in my lifetime… including North Korea. 🙂

But there are places I definitely want to see sooner rather than later.

With an insatiable impulse to travel the world, my top travel priority is to explore all 7 continents of the world before I turn 35. Having explored 4 out of the 7 continents, the challenge for me would be to explore and spend time in specific destinations across these continents.

These destinations have been on my must-see list for far too long and I wish to explore some or all of them before I turn 35.

Here is a sneak peek at my travel bucket list;

  1. In Europe, as much as i would love to explore all 26 States in the Schengen Area, my priorities are Prague (Czech Republic), Capri (Italy), Cinque Terre (Italy), Florence (Italy), Santorini (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Ibiza.


  1. Singapore,  Melbourne and Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) and Fiji (in 2018)


  1. Lake District (United Kingdom)


  1. Marrakesh (Morocco)


  1. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero (Brazil)


  1. Havana, Cuba (Now, who wouldn’t want to visit Cuba?) 🙂


  1. In North America, Montego Bay (Jamaica), Hawaii, New Orleans (Louisiana), Orlando and Miami (Florida).


  1. The Maldives (Dear Love of my Life, you got the memo?) 😉


  1. Nairobi (Kenya), Praslin (Seychelles), La Digue (Seychelles) and Mahe (Seychelles) in June 2017.


  1. And finally, I plan to explore some or all 18 West African Countries. My top priorities are  Sao Tome and Principe, Gambia, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast and Senegal.


There you have it… my travel bucket list!!!

Will I explore all these destinations in 2 years? Maybe, maybe not. But I plan to refer to this list often to check in and keep myself on track.

The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately!!! 🙂

Happy 33rd birthday to ME!!!


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  1. Awwww! So emotional. Happy birthday “the wakaholic”. I celebrate you today. God bless your hustle so that the dream can be fulfilled…

  2. Happy birthday to my sweetest baby oku, my overachiever of all time. I know you will travel the 35 destinations in 2 years and all your efforts and hard work will soon come together and be prosperous. Private jet coming soon!

    1. Thank you my darling Onyeka. Awww, that private jet part though… (Lord, are you listening???). Can’t keep queuing at airports. Lol

  3. Hello Oto,

    Happy belated birthday! I love the idea of travelling round the world too, but unlike you, going solo happens to be my challenge.

    Please dear, can we work something out together?
    I will be grateful.

  4. Wow! I don’t need to make my own list, I will save my ink and just copy them. God will help you achieve this dream. Well done.

  5. With this I see travelling different. I’ll make a list for myself. Great job you are doing dear.

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