Should You Quit Your Job & Travel?

quitting your job to travel

When traveling becomes a very serious hobby, there would come a time that your job will get in the way. You may start nursing thoughts of quitting your job to travel full-time.

Quitting your job for travel is an important decision that you should consider deeply and weigh your options before you decide. You should consider the savings you have made over the years and also talk to your mentors or close allies.

Journeying into full-time travel, you’re going to lose some friends. This one sucks. It does. It is unexplainable but for whatever reason, friends will start dropping out of your life. Even really close friends. There’s something about leading a totally different life than the one you were living before that just seems to result in some otherwise great friendships unexpectedly ending. On the other hand, you will also make new friends who are obsessed with traveling just like you.

Going into full-time travel, you will miss stability and routine, and you may get tired of exploring and seeing new places and things but you will surely have a lot of fun before you get to that point.

You are always never too old to quit and start something new in your life. A good way to start is to think about what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail. You might possibly fail and have to start all over but that’s the beauty of it – at least you tried. And that experience will carry you far.

Have you considered quitting your job to travel full-time?

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  1. Oh yes! That has been on my mind for the past two years. Having to find some concrete reasons to be off work for long periods of time is what I’m now disliking, and more even coming back to the same old routine. But then again, I have carefully considered that my finances will not allow me to take that decision at this time, and so, we keep building to get to that financial state we require for things to take shape. And sometimes, I stop to think ‘after travelling the world, what next?’

    1. I can relate. I’m a restless soul. So, If I have to quit my current job to travel, it’ll mean that traveling the world is my new job. I’d love to earn while on the go.

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