Destination: Dubai by Ubong


Everyone needs a vacation now and then and what better place to explore than the City of Dubai. Dubai, no doubt is a beautiful place, a destination I would love to visit again.

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My 2015 Christmas Story by Iniobong

Christmas in Nigeria

My Name is Iniobong Akpan and I am a wakaholic. Having the ability to travel around the world and experience new things, meet new people and learn about diverse cultures is so rejuvenating.

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My 2015 Christmas Story by Gloria

I am from Abatete, a town in Anambra State, Nigeria, very close to the commercial city of Onitsha. Like most Igbo communities, we have a rich cultural heritage and my father ensures we stay in touch with our roots, so much that it is an established family tradition to spend Christmas in our hometown.

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Las Vegas Nevada: The City of Lights and more.

Las Vegas Nevada

After my dad passed away 5 days before my birthday in January, 2012, I started hating the month of January. I stopped celebrating my birthday. I decided that 2016 would be a different year, even though it wasn’t a mile stone age for me, it was a big deal because I just had to break […]

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My Indian Story by Yemi Blaq

places to visit in India

It was a shocking welcome, it was my first time there but my expectations were different, I guess the glitz and glam of tinsel town had photoshopped reality. After a lengthy flight from Nigeria to Ethiopia and another connecting, I finally landed in Mumbai. 

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Things To Do In New York City

Things to do in New York City

I Love New York City!!! There are lots of tourist activities you can find in the city if you are determined to have fun. I had a few days to explore the city and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

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An Unforgettable Experience in Thailand

Pattaya Thailand

The name Thailand in the Thai language is Prathet Thai, which means “Land of the free”. There is more to Thailand than just fun and games. Having lived in Asia for 7 years; I believe they have the best Asian cuisine.

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My Vatican City Experience by Emma

vatican city

It was my second day in Rome, tired from the previous day, I woke up late, had breakfast and stopped at the hotel reception to draw up the day’s itinerary. I was visiting the Vatican City. To avoid the long queues, I bought my Vatican Museums ticket online days before my proposed visit, so I […]

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