Nauru: The World’s Least Visited Country.

Nauru island

Nauru is a small island country in Micronesia, in the Central Pacific, northeast of Australia. Formerly known as ‘Pleasant Island’, it is the world’s smallest independent republic and was once among the world’s richest countries. Notwithstanding the present economic gloom, the island still offers glimpses of its former glory.

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East Timor: A Secret Paradise.

East Timor

Timor Leste, also known as East Timor is one of the newborn nations of the world. It is a Southeast Asian country occupying half the island of Timor. South of the island, the Timor Sea separates the country from Australia. To the north of the island are the Ombai Strait, Wetar Strait, and the greater Banda […]

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Scientific Reason Why You Should Take A Beach Vacation.

beach vacation

You probably already know that a beach vacation is relaxing, but now there’s a scientific reason you should be booking an oceanside escape. A new study by Michigan State University revealed that living in a location where you have the chance to see a lot of blue spaces, like a body of water, leads to lower levels of “psychological […]

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How to Obtain a Chinese Visa in Nigeria

Chinese visa requirements

Due to the separate border control policies, ordinary Chinese visas are not valid for entry to Hong Kong or Macau, so travelers must apply for Chinese visas for Hong Kong or Chinese visas for Macau, should they require a visa for travelling to these regions.

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Bucket List- China

visit china

If China isn’t on your bucket list, then your list is incomplete. China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is the world’s most populous country, with a population of over 1.381 billion inhabitants. It is a huge country with endless and affordable travel opportunities.

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Quote of the day- May 3, 2016

“I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.”- Harun Yahya

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Explore the City of Bath, UK

Bath UK

Bath is a town set in the rolling countryside of southwest England, famous for its natural hot springs, Roman period baths, medieval heritage and 18th-century Georgian architecture. It became a World Heritage site in 1987 and is the oldest of England’s principal tourist destinations.

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Explore Nigeria: Workers’ Day Special

Places to visit in nigeria

To celebrate International Workers’ Day, where will you be? May Day/Labor Day, is a public holiday in many countries worldwide. It is associated with the start of spring as well as the celebration of workers, and occurs every year on May 1.

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