My Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I have been travelling a lot lately for business. This time, I decided to try something different by undertaking an INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY WORK with Crossroads Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Hong Kong, China. My mum and I, arrived Hong Kong and we were hosted by a lovely Cameroonian lady married to a Nigerian man. 

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My 2015 Christmas Story by Nsikan

Christmas in uyo

They say “home is where the heart is.” This saying can never be truer. As a Naija (Nigerian) boy living the American Dream, I remain a son of the soil at heart and always find it liberating whenever I visit my hometown. I had the brief opportunity to go home in December 2015. Unlike many other […]

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The Mexican Caribbean

what to do in cancun

A friend of mine has a trip planned in March to the City of Cancun, Mexico. I did some research to get a glimpse of what to expect from the City. For those who have never heard of ‘Cancun’… you are welcome! Lol.

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My Venice Experience

Venice Italy

It was my birthday; i attained another milestone and thought of the perfect ‘birthday gift’ for myself. After weeks of planning, I packed my bags and embarked on a tour around Europe for 3 weeks. I traveled between cities, saw the world like never before and had the time of my life.

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Do You Keep Souvenirs?

souvenir ideas

Need souvenir ideas? I am not great at collecting souvenirs as I always consider where to place them in my home, nevertheless, I have developed the habit of collecting inexpensive souvenirs of the places I visit; something that would remind me of that destination.

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Food Adventures


I love food; so much that I enrolled for a continental arts course in a Culinary School in Lagos, Nigeria just to broaden my horizon. My kitchen received a complete makeover after this experience and I am now extremely dynamic in the kitchen. I walk into stores and all I see are spices and sauces, […]

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Fun Activities for Kids and Adults in Dubai

things to see in dubai

Whenever I think of DUBAI… what comes to mind is the world’s tallest building, good roads, dancing fountains, beautiful airport, lots of tourist attractions and amazing things to see in Dubai. Everyone should have the Dubai experience. No matter the hotel/location you stay in, there is always something spectacular to see and experience. 

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Destination: Dubai by Ubong


Everyone needs a vacation now and then and what better place to explore than the City of Dubai. Dubai, no doubt is a beautiful place, a destination I would love to visit again.

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