My Experience Flying with Ibom Air

Ibom Air

Ibom Air commenced flight services in June 2019 and I was curious and eager to fly with them. After my horrendous experience on Aero Contractors, the decision to fly with them to Uyo to attend my sister’s Marriage Ceremony was easy.  I boarded Ibom Airlines from MM2 Lagos, en route Uyo , Akwa Ibom State […]

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Tips for Navigating through Nigeria as a Foreign Tourist

Visiting Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated African country and has a vibrant and dynamic culture. The country boasts of unique and inspiring tourist destinations that would wow you. Before travelling to Nigeria, ensure that you have sorted out your visa, accommodation and other logistic issues to avoid having setbacks when in the country. Are you visiting […]

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5 Items You Should Never Forget When Traveling

Imagine leaving for the airport only to discover halfway in your journey that you forgot your travel passport at home, or you arrive at the airport and discover that your laptop or phone charger is missing. What would you do? Panic? Here are a few tips on some travel items you should include in your […]

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He Joined Wakaholic Adventure and Found a Wife


In April 2018, Promise joined the Wakaholic West African Tour where he connected with his Bride, who is my not-so-little sister. And in June 2019, they tied the knot at a colorful and culturally-rich event held in the beautiful city of Uyo in Southern Nigeria. How Promise met Abie: Promise & I work with a […]

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7 Powerful Life Lessons Learned in 35 years

Powerful Life Lessons

They say time passes when you’re having fun. I’m particularly grateful for the opportunity to experience life this way. Here are 7 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned in my 35 years on earth: 1. Friends are family we make for ourselves. They say family is everything and I totally agree. Family here isn’t limited to […]

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Interesting Facts about the Christ of Havana

Christ of Havana

Just like Brazil, Cuba has its own sculpture representing Jesus of Nazareth on a hilltop overlooking the bay in Havana, Cuba. It is known as The Christ of Havana (Spanish: Cristo de La Habana). Here are some interesting facts about The Christ of Havana: 1) It is the biggest sculpture of the world made of white marble […]

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5 Interesting Facts about Cuba

Interesting Facts about Cuba

No doubt, Cuba has experienced a tourism boom in recent years. The country has its own uniqueness and it is remarkable. Here are 5 interesting facts I discovered about Cuba. 1) Cuba is well-known for its rich cultural heritage. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site with 9 sites, 7 of them are […]

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10 Interesting Facts You Should Know About East Africa

facts about east Africa

When you hear East Africa, which country first comes to mind? Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is definitely a sure bet. East Africa includes the five countries which are members of the East African Community (EAC) and they include the aforementioned three countries plus Rwanda and Burundi. The region is blessed with picturesque wildlife, beaches, cities, […]

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