Visiting Cancun: What You Should Know

Cancun, Mexico

Leaving Cancun, Mexico was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of 2018. I didn’t get enough of the city and wasn’t ready to leave.

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How We Made Wakaholic Adventure 2018 Happen Across Two Continents

Wakaholic Adventure 2018

Wakaholic Adventure 2018 finally kicked off and we are happy to share our story. Every year, we elect ‘bucket list’ destinations, explore these places together, create memories and share our travel experiences. Last year, we explored the Seychelles Islands and shared our experience to help you plan your trip to Seychelles. If you missed it, […]

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A Review of my Stay at Jubilee Chalets Epe

Jubilee Chalets Epe

It was my second visit to the quiet little town of Epe in Lagos State, Nigeria, and this time, I was exploring Jubilee Chalets Epe. Jubilee Chalets Epe is sited near the popular Epe Fish Market, overlooking the Lagos Lagoon. It is located 55mins away from the 2nd Lekki Toll Gate (by Chevron), 2 hours from […]

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Visiting Lagos: What You Should Know


Lagos, the city we hate to love!!! “Eko” as it is fondly called by Lagosians is located in south-west  Nigeria and has a population of over 17.5 million inhabitants. It is the commercial capital of Nigeria and is known for its beaches, music, arts, and nightlife.

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What You Should Know Before Traveling To North Korea

North Korea

As a passionate traveler, there is not one country in the world I do not want to visit in my lifetime – including North Korea. The media may have given us many reasons why we shouldn’t visit North Korea, but it is worth stating that North Korea is open to tourism. However, travelers must be […]

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A Review of my stay at Hotel Residence Madiba, Lome, Togo

Hotel Residence Madiba

When I researched for a place to stay in Lome, I narrowed my search to hotels with private access to the beach. The Hotel Residence Madiba came highly recommended and I contacted the hotel to make the reservation. Hotel Residence Madiba is a 17 room hotel with Mediterranean inspired decor located in Avepozo area, Lome, […]

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Road Trip from Lagos, Nigeria to Togo and Republic of Benin

Road Trip to Togo and Republic of Benin

It was my second road trip across Seme Border and this time, I traveled through Republic of Benin and Togo. If you missed my first shocking road trip experience from Lagos, Nigeria to the Republic of Benin, read here.

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A Review of my Stay at Nature Luxury Lodge Ouidah

Nature Luxury Lodge

If you are looking to rent a property for a getaway with friends/family to unwind and relax, then Nature Luxury Lodge is the perfect destination. I was astonished when I visited this charming, eco-friendly 3 bedroom house, sited on a lake amidst nature, with such an amazing ambiance.

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