Top 10 Travel Movies To Watch

travel movies

It is the holiday season and we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands. While planning your next move, it is a good idea to grab popcorn and watch some good travel movies that will inspire you. This listing is subjective, not exhaustive and is in no particular order. • We’re the […]

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Fun Things To Do In Abuja


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. It is the best-planned city in the country and serves as her administrative capital. Offering the best of both traditional culture and modernity, Abuja is the perfect destination for a holiday or vacation. It is packed with stunning sights and attractions and boasts of a good network of […]

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Christmas in Nigeria: Best Christmas Activities and Events

Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas and end of year season are always celebrated with fanfare in Nigeria. There are diverse events and activities at this time of the year. These events are organized by individuals, corporate organizations, social groups, religious bodies, state governments, etc. When spending Christmas in Nigeria, you can choose the one that catches your fancy and […]

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Christmas Budget Planning: 7 Things You Can Do Now For A Happier Holiday

Christmas Budget Planning

Barely few weeks to Christmas and the frenzy is already building up. Now is the time to start planning towards the yuletide season, before the rush hour sets in and everything spirals out of control. If you are thinking of shopping for Christmas gifts on a budget, now is the time to begin your Christmas […]

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Health Benefits of Taking Vacations

Benefits of Taking Vacations

Do vacations improve your health? This question is a no brainer as the obvious answer is Yes! Vacations impact positively on your health in the following ways; Vacations reduce stress: One of the first suggestions you would get when you are stressed is to go on vacation. This is one of the most important benefits […]

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Best Ways to Interact With Locals on a Trip

how to deal with locals

As the saying goes, “Travelling is part of education”, hence embarking on trips always present opportunities to explore, learn and appreciate other cultures. It can also be an opportunity to make new friends and build lasting relationships while having wholesome fun. This exposure broadens the mind and gives us an understanding of the world around […]

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Best Things to Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Brazil was the first South-American country I visited. I traveled from Lagos, Nigeria on Royal Air Maroc via Casablanca, Morocco to connect Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Why Rio de Janeiro? Rio de Janeiro was on my bucket list for way too long. It is one of Brazil’s most visited cities, popular for the following reasons; […]

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My Experience Flying with Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Before I booked my ticket with Royal Air Maroc, I heard many horrendous stories about this airline. I opted to fly with them despite the negative reviews because their itinerary was my shortest connection to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was also the most economical option. Lagos to Casablanca The flight departed on schedule. Flight […]

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