Nigerian Food Recipes by Nseobong

Nigerian Food

I am from a small village in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area in Southern Nigeria. It was awesome to spend the Christmas/New Year holidays with my family in the village.  One of the benefits of spending time in the village is that we have easy access to pure undiluted fresh foods straight from the farm.

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TravelNigeria: My Experience at the National Arts Theatre by Adenike

National Arts Theatre

The National Arts Theatre located in Iganmu Area (mainland) of Lagos, Nigeria is the center for performing arts in the country. The building houses two modern  cinema halls, a restaurant, bar and also has a functional auditorium that seats around 3,000 people.

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10 Travel Resolutions You Should Consider in 2017

Travel Resolutions

Have you made new year resolutions yet? Here are 10 Travel Resolutions you should consider in 2017.

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6 Lessons I Learned In My First Year Of Blogging

first year of blogging

I often read that a good number of start-up blogs don’t make it through the first year of blogging, but I have made it through my first year, accoutered with so much vigor and enthusiasm and ready to confront the years ahead. It feels just like yesterday when I put up my very first blog […]

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Christmas in London: Things to do in the City

Christmas in London

London is a great place for Christmas and it is one of my favorite Christmas destinations. Christmas in London is truly enchanting, as the streets are illuminated with thousands of festive lights, offering various exciting Christmas activities such as Christmas theater shows, Christmas Carol Concerts, Ice skating and Christmas shopping.

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My Best Childhood Memories of Christmas

Christmas memories

  Let’s take you down memory lane. What was your best Christmas experience growing up? What did Christmas mean to you? As a child, Christmas Day had its magic. The aroma of Chicken Stew emanating from the kitchen where mummy dearest would spend time cooking a pleasant Christmas meal for the family, while dad would […]

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What Nigerians Eat During Christmas

Nigerian food

  1. Rice and Chicken Stew Christmas rice as it is fondly called, served with stew is a staple food of the average Nigerian. What is Christmas in Nigeria without rice and stew? Nothing!

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