How do you like your noddles?

Homemade noodles

How do you like your noodles? Sometimes i like mine plain, other times i take it seriously. Indomie is my favorite brand of noodles and no matter how sophisticated i make mine, i never have it without egg. What is ‘indomie’ without egg??? Nothing!!! 🙂 Share pictures of your homemade noodles.

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The Unique Culture and People of Akwa Ibom State by Nwedobong Okon

the culture and people of akwa ibom

Akwa Ibom day celebration happens September 23, every year and I’m delighted to share this with the world! If you check my name, you’ll see OBONG attached to it. Almost every AkwaIbomite has that attached to their names. The term OBONG means:

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Travel Experience: How i forgot my travel documents on a train.

Travel experience

My first trip to Germany with my husband and son (then a baby) was to Cologne. We flew Lufthansa and the connection from Frankfurt to Cologne is always by train. Now, this part of the trip in collaboration with ‘Die Bahn’ is called Air rail and Lufthansa has one wagon of the train reserved for […]

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List of Countries that give citizenship by birth

countries that give citizenship by birth

Birth tourism has been on the increase in recent years. Having a good second passport can be valuable to you and your children as it saves time and money by allowing visa free travel, enhances investment and business opportunities, and offer benefits that last for generations.

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Why you should never ignore buying travel insurance

travel insurance

Travel insurance is as important as the trip itself. “If you cannot afford travel insurance, then you cannot afford to travel”.

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Best Places in Africa to spend Christmas with your Family

Christmas vacation

Christmas is a magical time of the year, thus Christmas vacation should be planned in such ways that cater to both adults and children’s recreational needs. We have identified remarkable destinations in Africa where you can enjoy the christmas vacation with your nearest and dearest.

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UK Visa Requirements and Tips for a Successful Application

UK visa in Nigeria

It suffices to say that Uk visa approval is granted at the discretion of the UKVI, nevertheless, there are basic requirements that applicants must meet to improve their chances of obtaining a UK visa in Nigeria. There are different types of UK visa granted for tourism, work, study, transit, medical purpose, and diplomatic or government […]

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Wakaholic Adventure 2016: Save the date

wakaholic adventure

Do you want to hang out, dine and network with some of the happiest people on earth? Why not join us on our flagship event- WAKAHOLIC ADVENTURE? This is an annual event where we select ‘tourist friendly destinations’ and explore as a group. This year, we will embark on a weekend trip to Inagbe Grand […]

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