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My name is Oto Tom. I am a Nigerian Lawyer with a passion for adventure travel.

How I Started

I remember my first trip out of the continent of Africa in 2010, which was to the United Arab Emirates. Prior to this experience, I was obsessed about traveling the world and would explore images of stunning destinations and wish I could afford to travel to those places. I was a rookie then, barely 3 years at the bar and still had academic pursuits ahead of me, therefore traveling around the world appeared impossible at the time. I simply thought I could not afford to travel.

Over the years, this ideology changed because I discovered that travel is never a matter of money but of courage. The difficulty/uncertainty surrounding visa application is a reason why travel is perceived by the average Nigerian as a luxury rather than a necessary component of a well-balanced life.

Visa application procedures in Nigeria are nerve-wracking and expensive. As a Nigerian Passport holder, I require visas to visit most Countries of the world (including countries in Africa) and I have visited more embassies than I can count.

Having suffered rejection in the past, despite having genuine intentions, I patiently developed my travel records from visa friendly countries to countries with strict visa policies, and this came at a cost to me.

My Travel Goals

My ultimate goals are to explore all continents of the world, provide actionable travel information to my readers by sharing my personal travel experiences, connect with adventure seekers around the world, show you how you can travel the world on a budget, and to inspire the average Nigerian Passport Holder to travel more.

I believe one of the best ways to truly experience local culture when we travel is to try the food, which is why I also feature food articles from my adventures around the globe.

Korean Barbecue

Why Wakaholic?

The name ‘Wakaholic’ is derived from the Nigerian pidgin word ‘waka’ (meaning travel/go/walk) and it represents an avid traveler. It was inspired by my desire to challenge myself to see more of the world, discover hidden tales, share what I find, and encourage people to travel more.

What You Will Find on this Blog

Places I have been

Travel Stories that will inspire you

Travel Tips on Safe Travels & How to Travel on a Budget

Food Articles

Visa Application Guidance for Nigerian Passport Holders

Hotel Reviews

My Review of Flying with Airlines 

Travel With Me!

I organize group travel events (Wakaholic Adventure), where we select ‘Bucket List Destinations’ and explore these destinations together.


  • In September 2016, we visited Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure in Lagos. See our photos here.
  • In June 2017, we explored the Seychelles Islands. See our photos here.
  • In September 2017, we did a road trip from Lagos to Ouidah. See our photos here.
  • In 2018, we shall take a 2-week long trip to explore Venice, Italy for 7 Days, and spend the next 7 Days onboard a Mediterranean Cruise that will depart from Venice, with stops at Dubrovnik (Croatia), Kotor (Montenegro), Santorini and Katakolon (Greece).

This is a unique trip with a small group of friendly people, unlike any other tour out there. If you are interested in joining us on this exciting travel adventure, send a request to thewakaholic@gmail.com

To feature your travel photos, stories or travel related information on this blog, please email thewakaholic@gmail.com.

I hope this blog inspires you to travel more.

A Letter To My Younger Self

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