5 Items You Should Never Forget When Traveling

Imagine leaving for the airport only to discover halfway in your journey that you forgot your travel passport at home, or you arrive at the airport and discover that your laptop or phone charger is missing. What would you do? Panic?

Here are a few tips on some travel items you should include in your checklist before leaving for the airport.

Travel Passport

Forgetting your Travel Passport is like a farmer going to the farm without his tools.  This should be the first item you should include in your bag or suitcase days before your trip.


It is totally okay to charge devices before making a trip, but remember to pack the chargers in the bag before you head out the door. Make sure you check if you need a universal adaptor or extension at your travel destination so you can pack one as well.


“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” Having pictures of your travels is an excellent way to re-live the moments, therefore you should always take your camera with you. This is one of the travel items you should never leave behind.


If you don’t like movies and would like to keep yourself occupied while flying, then a good book will keep you company.

FCMB Debit or Credit Card

One of the essentials of traveling is your ability to pay for goods or services at your travel destination – either at the airport, hotel, restaurant or for hopping. With your FCMB Naira card, you can spend up to $5,000 (or its equivalent in other international currencies) at once or over a month.

If you’re traveling this summer or shopping from home, FCMB has so many exclusive deals for you! Visit https://www.fcmb.com/summer-plans to get started.

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  1. FCMB debit card!!!? Okay got it…
    Next trip:
    Travel Passport ✅
    Charger ✅
    Camera ✅
    Engaging book✅
    FCMB card ✅✅


  2. Very interesting tips. For pictures, I prefer to use my phone though.
    I will quickly make inquiries on the FCMB card. I may get one if the terms as good because one of the reason why I travel is to shop and knowing that I can spend 5000 dollars on my card can easily be a healing therapy for my soul..😁😁😁😁..💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
    Shopping 🛍 makes me happy 😘😘😘

  3. Great tips. Will be inquiring about the fcmb card, always important to have an alternative financial resource on a trip. Well done Oto.

  4. These are critical items you’ve listed, can’t imagine missing out any. I usually do cash though and due to the restriction of the amount you can carry, I’m limited. Summer loading with FCMB… The amount they offer is very good.
    Thanks for sharing.

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