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Why you should never ignore buying travel insurance

Travel insurance is as important as the trip itself. “If you cannot afford travel insurance, then you cannot afford to travel”.

Getting medical care abroad or other personal liabilities can be very expensive; especially when such expense was not budgeted for, which can ruin your entire trip.  Travel insurance can cover these medical expenses and personal liabilities such as, trip cancellation, repatriation costs, compensation for in-flight loss or checked-in baggage, loss of travel documents and other travel emergencies. Buying a good travel insurance cover means you worry less about such emergencies.

Schengen Countries require all applicants to obtain travel insurance issued by an accredited Schengen Insurance Policy Company, which should be valid in all Schengen Countries and cover expenses caused by illness, medical care, accident… up to the sum of 30,000 Euros, before visa can be issued.

If you are taking more than two holidays in a year, an annual multi-trip insurance could save you money rather than purchasing a single trip insurance, valid for the duration of each trip.

The first step to getting affordable travel insurance is to compare different insurance providers and check reviews from their customers. It is imperative to disclose to your provider whether you have a pre-existing medical condition, so you can get advice on optional coverage as most insurance policies may not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

You should opt for an insurance company with good customer service and round-the-clock accessibility in case of emergencies.

Insurance policies have specific benefits and exclusion clauses; you must review your insurance plan thoroughly before you buy, read the wording carefully and ask questions when in doubt.

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